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8 Must Have Outfits for Your Vacation to the Sun!

Travel Fashion Time: The Best Summer Outfits! One month on the road in Australia and I am totally in love with Australian and South East Asian Designers. The stores are full of local designer’s best summer outfits. Not too different from Scandinavian travel fashion in terms of the simplistic style and the color palette but with an extra twist. A bit more romantic, a bit more boho, well a bit more me:)! I wish my suitcase was empty when I came here…. Still, I had to do some shopping, right? A girl got to do what a girl got to do….  So here comes some of my new favorite Australian brands for the best travel fashion but also some inspiration for the best summer outfits for your upcoming trip to the sun! Enjoy! 1. The Perfect Swimsuit  I love that swimsuits have become so popular lately. A great alternative to…