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7 Must Have Summer City Weekend Outfits!

Summer is finally here and I hope it stays for good this time! Vacation time is getting closer, the days are far longer than the nights, people are starting to get their first sun tan and last but not least, the smiles! It’s amazing to see how the weather impacts the mood and vibe in a country like Sweden! The sun brings people out to the beaches, on the streets and to cafés and especially during the weekends. In order to enjoy your summer city weekends to the fullest, you need perfect outfit to go with the sunny weather and that’s where I can help you. The 3 Must Haves This Summer! If you want to check out my 8 must have outfits for a vacation in the sun then click here, but for this summer I have three addictions: The Long Skirts: First of all we have the long skirts.…