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Churchill Manor – A Luxurious Mansion in Dreamy Napa!

Churchill Manor, a gorgeous white mansion in downtown Napa, was built in the late 19th century. This gem among Napa Valley boutique hotels is a testament to the aristocratic local life of that time! Made by the wealthy Churchill family, the manor has hosted travelers from all over for generations. Current owners Joanna Guidotti and Brian Jensen have kept the tradition of one of the most iconic luxury boutique hotels in Napa Valley. Looking for the best Napa Valley’s tours, THEN CHECK THEM OUT HERE! Loving this gem among luxury boutique hotels in Napa Valley? Read about my favorite hotels around the world, here! Top Napa Valley Boutique Hotels – Overall Experience & Rating These days, the inside of the Churchill Manor looks almost as it did in its first years. It provides a real feeling of going back to a time of great luxury while keeping fresh and modern. The owners were…