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2 Gorgeous Santorini Boutique Hotels for a Magical Time in the Island!

One of the landmarks of Mediterranean beauty, Santorini is a deluxe destination all around. Strongly focused on luxury travel, it’s hardly a cheap destination – but it’s an incredible one. The luxury boutique hotels in Santorini Greece are some of the most wonderful I’ve visited in southern Europe. Here, you’ll find my guide on the best areas to stay. Also, my favorite examples of what a design hotel Santorini looks like. Diverse beaches, wondrous views of the caldera, unbelievable sunsets make Santorini unique. While those are some of the greatest things on this island, there’s so much more. When it comes to lodgings, they certainly know their luxury, too! Where to Stay: Find Your Design Hotel Santorini Keep in mind that luxury boutique hotels in Santorini Greece tend to be pricey! Island capital Fira is busy and vibrant, with a wider range of relatively cheaper hotels. You’ll also find plenty…