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17 Most Instagram Worthy Places in Mykonos Every Photography Lover Must Visit!

Mykonos might be the most iconic of all Greek islands. Well-known for its beautiful blue beaches and its enchanting old village, it’s a very popular summer destination. And, of course, when you’re at the Mediterranean, you need your fix of astonishingly beautiful places. This is why I’ve prepared a guide of the 18 most Instagram worthy places in Mykonos! Read all about the best photography spots in Mykonos, below. The 17 Most Instagram Worthy Places in Mykonos Of Mykonos, you’ll always hear of bright blue waters, whitewashed houses and breathtaking pink sunsets. However, this colorful and popular island is full of treasures well beyond. The most Instagram worthy places in Mykonos combine these features with cobblestone streets, lovely boutique hotels, and beach clubs and hip eateries. There’s so much beauty hiding in plain sight here! It’s important to note that, beloved as it is by tourists, the best photography spots…