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Living The Nomadic Life In Mongolia – A One of A Kind Experience!

There are not that many countries in the world that leave a lasting impression on the tourist, and Mongolia certainly belongs in this category, with vast wildernesses that nomadic tribes call home. Why not taking a break to live the nomadic life in Mongolia!  Due to its over 250 sunny days a year, Mongolia is nicknamed as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.” Bordered by China to the south, by Russia to the north, and separated by 37 kilometres from Kazakhstan, this landlocked nation in East Asia is nearly the same size as Alaska. Four times the size of Japan and almost double the size of Eastern Europe. It is the world’s most thinly populated sovereign state, with only around three million inhabitants. About 30% of them nomadic or semi-nomadic. Having been ruled by various nomadic empires, Mongolians learned to survive by migrating from one land to another along…