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16 Most Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam Off the Beaten Path!

Bikes, coffee shops, and tulips are what first come to mind whenever Amsterdam pops into conversation. A beautiful and cosy city, the Dutch capital is a postcard dream: its colours, its canals, its fascinating mix of modern and traditional. It also happens to be one of the most touristic cities in western Europe, and some of the most fun things to do in Amsterdam are pretty crowded. That’s why I’ve prepared this travel guide to Amsterdam off the beaten path! This beautiful city has so much to offer, but as with everywhere else, it’s all better when you make your way. I always step off the spots everyone visits to get a glimpse of locals’ everyday lives. Amsterdam is a relatively small city, so you can smoothly go from place to place on foot or on a bike as Amsterdammers do. As soon as you see Amsterdam off the beaten…