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A 6-Day Road Trip in New Zealand’s Wonder-Filled North Island!

On a sunny November day, we finally arrived at a place that had been on top of our bucket list for so long: New Zealand. First out was a 6 day New Zealand north island road trip, and we were both so eager to leave Auckland behind to see what this fairytale island had to offer. In hindsight, we should have given this magical place more time, but still, our 6 day New Zealand north island itinerary took us to so many gorgeous and breathtaking places. Let’s get going! Before setting out to drive across this beautiful island, prepare by reading the 9 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW TO PLAN THE PERFECT NEW ZEALAND TRIP! New Zealand North Island Itinerary Our New Zealand North Island Road trip in short:  Day 1 – Arrival to Auckland & Drive to National Park Day 2 – Tongariro Crossing Trek Day 3 – Lake Taupo…