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Marbella Travel Guide – Things to Do in Marbella Spain

Cosmopolitan and full of Andalusian hospitality, Marbella is the classiest and most expensive resort in Costa del Sol. Here you’ll find where to stay in Marbella and some exciting things to do in Marbella Spain. Though known for all the rich and famous people it attracts, Marbella is also a friendly place for regular travelers who want to have an extraordinary experience. Wondering how to get there? Well, the resort is located in the heart of the Malaga Coastline and the closest airport is in Malaga. From there, you can get to Marbella by car, by bus or taxi. If you can’t wait to reach the best things to do in Marbella Spain, you can rent a car. However, you should solve everything before your arrival because doing this at the airport will waste time and money. In case your option is taking the bus, you should know that the Empresa…