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4 Places to Visit in Madrid Beyond the Crowds!

There are endless places to visit in Madrid that will appear on every travel guide. But what about those little gems, hidden from the crowds? The little corners in charming neighborhoods, where you can find cute boutiques & stores as well as the best restaurants in Salamanca and the best restaurants in La Latina Madrid. Madrid is one of the best-known capitals of western Europe, with so much to offer. It’s a city perfect to imbue yourself in culture, try out flavors and party the night away. It’s one of the most metropolitan places in western Europe, with a significant influx of people from everywhere. If you want a fully personalised tour of Madrid, book a local guide at HI, HI HERE. To read more about Madrid tours, check out all the GET YOUR GUIDE TOURS HERE. The main parts of Madrid can be crowded. During the hotter months the city’s…