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2 Fabulous Small Luxury Hotels in Bangkok & 2 Bigger Favourites of Mine!

After numerous work trips to the Thai capital, it’s turned into one of my favorite cities, and there are many small luxury hotels in Bangkok. That makes it no surprise that the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok has become my home away from home and a fantastic boutique hotel Thonglor Bangkok. Read all about my favorite among small luxury hotels in Bangkok, plus the grand Oriental Residence!  Small Luxury Hotels in Bangkok 1. Akyra Thonglor Bangkok – My No 1 Bangkok Hotel! Up until recently, the Akyra Thonglor Bangkok was part of the Japanese hotel chain Pan Pacific. It also happened to be more of a small business hotel than an actual boutique one. By my latest visit, the location had undergone some major changes. Some of these changes included new management, some renovations, and a name change, and it’s now a true  boutique hotel. It is a quiet the oasis: a small boutique hotel Thonglor…