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Top 15 Kiev Instagram Spots for Your Ukraine Holiday!

Less visited than the capitals of western European countries, Ukraine’s big metropolis can certainly hold its own among the greatest. An old and proud city dating back to the 5th century, Kiev has seen a lot. One of the most ancient towns in the region, it has presided over many States and seeing centuries worth of turmoil. Hundreds of years later, the remains are astonishing, with many interesting places Kiev to entrance visitors from everywhere. History is everywhere in this great metropolis, and the Kiev Instagram spots are proof of its rich cultural heritage! Kiev is a city of contrasts, modern yet profoundly anchored in history. Despite a population of over 3 million people, Kiev feels a little like a small city, and one exciting to discover. With its many landmarks and interesting places Kiev, it’s the perfect city to spend a long weekend with friends or a loved one.…