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Top 8 Things To Do in Kiev for the Best Kiev Travel!

One of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, Kiev dates back to the 5th century. A proud city of contrasts, the Ukrainian capital has a uniquely relaxed vibe, mixing its history with some boho feels. Kiev travel should include visits to old cathedrals and walks around the picturesque cobblestone streets. There are plenty of places to see in Kiev, thanks to the city’s vast history as an important spot in the region. And, as in any other big city, you’ll find many things to do in Kiev! Although a big city with over 3 million inhabitants, Kiev feels like a small town. It’s got a sweet hipster vibe, with lots of cafés and the nicest people. Those who get to Kiev travel will realize there’s a kind of idle sadness to this city. Ukraine has spent most of the past two centuries under Russian rule, in a never ending conflict.…