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Miami – The Glamorous End!

Everything comes to an end and so was our 81 Day vacation! An amazing adventure full of unforgettable experiences, impressions and meetings – a trip that will stay in our hearts, minds and dreams forever! But before it was time to board the flight over the Atlantic, we had some great days among the scyscrapers in lovely, crazy and glamorous Miami! W  South Beach – Our last home! W South Beach! Save the best for last… Well, maybe not but still it was an awsome end! Even though W does not have the mysterious and personal touch of Delano, it is still a heaven for design lovers. This luxury oasis nestled between the vibrant streets and wide beach of South Beach, is filled with iconic design, art, furnitures and interior. Offering a luxurious but yet inviting and cosy atmosphere! We loved our bright and spacious Ocean View Suite. The big…

Miami Life

Miami Beach Activities The weather, the beach, the sun, the palm trees and the friendly people – they all make life a bit easier! Morning walks in the…