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My Venice Beach Travel Guide: 12 Wonderful Activities for the Ultimate California Vacay

Not to be confused with the Italian city with the canals, California’s version of Venice is quite an experience. Once a shabbier part of the huge Los Angeles, it’s now one of the trendiest areas in town. There’s a myriad of fun things to do in here to get into the hip vibe of this district, including trendy restaurants Venice Beach. No other place feels quite like this California gem, and it’s a true joy to walk around and discover the district. I hope my Venice Beach travel guide inspires you to visit! Los Angeles is a gigantic city, and it’s vast as only an American metropolis can be. The distances between districts are so huge they almost feel like separate cities. As you’ll see on this Venice Beach travel guide, this is one of the funkiest parts of town. There’s a chill beachy vibe, and innovation and art seem…

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Miami Beach Activities The weather, the beach, the sun, the palm trees and the friendly people – they all make life a bit easier! Morning walks in the…