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Top 12 Glam & Hipster Places in Los Angeles!

Time for some California Dreaming! Los Angeles is a huge city, so much that its neighborhoods are basically cities of their own. While it might not have the romantic charm of San Francisco, it’s still a great American metropolis with so much to offer. There are seemingly endless things to do in Hollywood LA, as all the movie glitz and glamour cover the town. There are also plenty of hipster places Los Angeles to try new flavors, hang out and even find celebrities! What I love most about this big California metropolis is its contrasts. Throughout LA, you can find the luxury celebrity experience as well as a more low-key hipster vibe, and it’s all part of the local feel. Trends are born in the City of Angels, and interesting eateries and boutique hotels are never-ending. Find incredible activities all over Los Angeles through GET YOUR GUIDE, my favourite tool…

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