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Tbilisi is a city I visited often for work until I eventually got the chance to take some time to get to know it. Of course, I fell madly in love with the many Tbilisi Instagram spots! Georgia’s capital is an ancient and proud city with centuries of fascinating history, and you can tell. These days, the best photo spots in Tbilisi bear witness to the city’s past, plus a glimpse into its exciting future!

Georgia is well known in the East for its hospitality and fine dining. There’s a long-standing tradition of great food and wine, and Georgians are happy to share that culture with visitors. Be prepared to be charmed!

best photo spots in tbilisi: old town
Tbilisi, I’m ready to explore!

Although a growingly popular touristic destination due to its many charms, Tbilisi isn’t nearly as visited as Western Europe capitals. That doesn’t just mean you get the chance of having the city all to yourself – it’s also a great opportunity to be a conscious traveller. Go further by seeing Tbilisi off he beaten path and visiting special and hidden gems. There are so many ways of supporting the local economy, with fantastic restaurants and boutique hotels. Between its fantastic businesses and beautiful places, this is a great city for conscious travellers.

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Georgia’s capital is one of my favourite cities, and I have quite a few guides for it! Learn more about it in my Tbilisi travel guide, plus my hotel & restaurant reviews.

Tbilisi Instagram Spots in Hip Areas

As an up-and-coming city with a vibrant cultural scene, there are so many hip Tbilisi Instagram spots. In the city, you’ll find a mix of periods: the Middle Ages, Soviet rule, and contemporary architecture make for an incredible combination. The best photo spots in Tbilisi have a little of all the above – magic for design lovers!


1. Fabrika, a Haven for Artistic Souls

Long before Fabrika was one of the best photo spots in Tbilisi, it was a Soviet sewing factory. In the decades since democracy was restored in Georgia, it’s been turned into an urban hotspot and multifunctional cultural space. Here, locals and travelers looking for a creative and artsy oasis meet. Plus, it’s also a hostel!

best photo spots in tbilisi: fabrika
Visiting Fabrika is boosting my creative side

If you have an artsy heart, check out this Alternative Walking Tour of the city!

2. Hip & Fancy Hotel


The Rooms Hotel is my go-to accommodation wherever I’m in town, not just because it’s one of the top Tbilisi Instagram spots. Located in the shabby chic Vera neighbourhood, it’s a hip little boutique hotel mixing industrial, chic, and a Manhattanite vibe. Eclectic, fun and fancy, it is a great option for staying and for pic-taking. Plus, there’s a definite artsy vibe: it was once a publishing house!

best photo spots in tbilisi: rooms hotel
Loving the art at Rooms Hotel
best photo spots in tbilisi: the rooms hotel
What a morning, there’s always a special feeling of waking up in a hotel room

Learn more about The Rooms in my hotel review. And if you loved it, book your stay HERE!

3. Arthouse Tbilisi, the Place to Be

Located right at the center of Tbilisi, in the small and quiet street of Gudiashvili, Arthouse Tbilisi is something else. Enter and be greeted by an adorable hallway with an inviting white marble staircase. The whole place is one of the best photo spots in Tbilisi, but there’s so much more to it. This club is a very new concept in Georgia, full of fun activities and with a very creative vibe. Check out my post dedicated to thriving Arthouse Tbilisi!

best photo spots in tbilisi: arthouse
Can I move in here?
best photo spots in tbilisi: arthouse
Who doesn’t love marble?

For more Tbilisi art, don’t miss this fantastic National Opera & Ballet Theater Tour

Best Photo Spots in Tbilisi for Architecture Lovers

Many of the most fascinating Tbilisi Instagram spots are examples of the city’s vibrant past. Its architecture tells the story of a city that has been part of many things, resulting in a unique look. Here are the best photo spots in Tbilisi for those who love architecture! 

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4. Old City Architecture

Youll find many of the most magical Tbilisi Instagram spots just wandering around the Old Town. The historical center is a labyrinthic place filled with beautiful streets, including the Rustaveli Avenue, and the main street of Old Tbilisi. Some of the most breathtaking buildings include the National Georgian Opera Theater and the Parliament House. Every step you take here will lead you to a wondrous photo opportunity! 

tbilisi instagram spots: old town
Time to explore every corner of the Old Town

In the 19th-century part of Old Tbilisi you’ll also find the Freedom Square and its beautiful surrounding architecture. Influences include Near Eastern architecture and Art Nouveau, with enchanting balconies and entrances. 

See beautiful Tbilisi in the bright lights with this Walking Night Tour through the Old City!

5. Old City Backyards

Whenever you can, dare to enter the Old City places for some of the best photo spots in Tbilisi. Go beyond the lovely façades to find hidden treasures: there are so many beautiful backyards perfect for a pic!

tbilisi instagram spots: old town
There’s so many unique places to discover here

In one of these hidden yards you can find the cutest hipster café, or a waterfall with fresh water coming from the mountains. Some allow you breathe fresh air and enjoy the flowers or see signs of locals’ daily lives. These will all become your favorite local spots!

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, Tbilisi is near some of the most breathtaking natural places in Europe. How about this wonderful Paragliding in the Caucasus with Lunch experience?

6. Behind Old City Doors

There are hidden Tbilisi Instagram spots in every corner here. Dare to open the doors and feel the wonder, like a staircase leading you to the most beautiful art. Georgians are famously friendly and you can book a tour to visit a home. I got a glimpse of the home of a famous local cake maker – it’s a memory I will always cherish!

tbilisi instagram spots: old town
Changing outfits for some photos


Go off the beaten path with this Non-tourist Tour of Tbilisi!

7. The Astounding Architecture

You don’t need to go to the most hidden places to find some of the best photo spots in Tbilisi Old Town. Walking around the streets, you’ll always find impressive buildings from times past to catch your eye. The eclectic architecture, from the beautiful arches to the sober Soviet buildings, is so inviting to photos. Lovely water fountains also abound!

tbilisi instagram spots: old city
Surrounded by beautiful buildings
best photo spots in tbilisi: old town architecture
Are you looking for the best photo spots in Tbilisi, bring your camera to the Old Town

Classic Tbilisi Instagram Spots You Cannot Miss

Although less popular than other capitals, there are still some one-of-a-kind landmarks you must take into account for Tbilisi Instagram spots. Always make sure you respect locals’ lives when taking pictures. Enjoy the most touristic of the best photo spots in Tbilisi!


8. The Natural Vibe of the Tbilisi Baths

Just outside Old Tbilisi, you’ll find one of the city’s most popular attractions: the baths. It can be said these natural hot springs are the reason Tbilisi exists: the city was founded there because of them. Tbilisi actually means “warm place”!

tbilisi instagram spots: tbilisi bath
I understand why this is such a popular attraction
tbilisi instagram spots: tbilisi baths
Loving the mix of colors and texture

Besides being tightly tied to the city’s personality, the sulfur baths are one of the loveliest Tbilisi Instagram spots. You’ll feel almost like you’re leaving the city and entering nature. The colours and experience will entrance you! 

See more of Georgia’s rich history on this Borjomi City Tour and Thermal Baths leaving from Tbilisi!

9. The Bridge of Peace

The most famous new place among the best photo spots in Tbilisi, the Bridge of Peace seems like the way to Georgia’s future. This pedestrian bridge across the Kura River joins the Old Town with the new district. Although controversial, this 2010 steel and glass construction has become of the city’s most renowned landmarks. 

tbilisi instagram spots: bridge of peace
The perfect day and the perfect day to be at the Bridge of Peace

Walk it yourself and make up your mind: does it clash with the historic center or is it a bright addition? Either way, the view from above is astounding and perfect for some magic hour snaps!

Make the best of the Tbilisi Instagram spots with this Scenic Instagram Tour!

10. A Postcard-Friendly Journey Back In Time at Mtskheta

Some of the most incredible Tbilisi Instagram spots are actually a little away from the city. Drive away for about 30 minutes and you’ll find Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia and its ancient capital. The city was established in the 5th century BC, and served as a fortified city and a major economic and political center of the ancient Kingdom of Iberia. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s a proof of human ingenuity and Georgia’s deep historic roots. 

Besides being a man-made wonder, Mtskheta is a natural spectacle, surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. The Black Sea stands proud as a background, for a full picture straight out of a postcard. Be sure to charge your camera before taking this exciting day trip.

tbilisi instagram spots: mtskheta
The perfect day trip!

You can read about my visit to this beautiful and ancient place in my Mtskheta travel story! You can also see this UNESCO Historic Site for yourself with this Guided Mtskheta, Gori, and Uplistsikhe Tour!

Best Photo Spots in Tbilisi to Experience Georgia Hospitality

When in Tbilisi, the renowned Georgian hospitality will always improve your experience everywhere. The Tbilisi Instagram spots below aren’t just beautiful, but they’ll also make you feel right at home.

Learn more about dining out in the city by visiting my restaurant guide!

11. Chill at Ilveria Terrace for the Evening

When you’ve had a long day of getting to know the best photo spots in Tbilisi, unwinding with a drink is a must. The best place to do that is the Iveria Terrace at the Radisson Blu

tbilisi instagram spots: llvera terrace
Wow, this view!

Head up to this terrace to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city and the Mtkavi River. Just let the wind and sun take you by storm as you chill with a drink after an exhausting day. You can take great snaps of the city views or just of yourself chilling with Tbilisi’s wonders all around you.

tbilisi instagram spots: mtkavi river
A view over the Mtkavi River
tbilisi instagram spots: radisson blu tbilisi
I can highly recommend Radisson Blu, you wont be disappointed

Loved the Radisson Blu? Book your stay HERE!

12. Party Away at Lolita

Partygoers cannot miss fun Lolita! This new addition to Tbilisi’s nightlife is part of The Rooms Hotel, my Vera fave. Go across the street and enjoy its fantastic atmosphere and its unpretentious food and drinks. The design is a perfect mix of old and new, just like so many of the best Tbilisi Instagram spots!

tbilisi instagram spots: lolita
I love the vibe at Lolita

Lolita is the best place to start or end a fun evening, or just have some delicious dinner with the best vibe.

Enjoy a vibrant Tbilisi evening on this Explore Georgian Nightlife: Individual Program With Guide tour!

13. Get to Know Local Produce at The Wine Gallery

Georgia is a little like Eastern Europe’s Italy: a proud and ancient country with a huge gastronomic tradition. Food and wine are an essential part of Georgian culture, and some of the best photo spots in Tbilisi are restaurants and wineries. My favourite spot stands at the corner of Fabrika: The Wine Gallery. A fantastic place for wine tastings, anyone with a love of vino should head over there to taste local grapes!

best photo spots in tbilisi: the wine gallery
How can you pick just one?
best photo spots in tbilisi: the wine gallery
The Wine Gallery, we’ll be back

Enjoy the flavours of the city on this Food and Wine Walking Tour with Tastings!

14. Local Handicrafts & Products

Every location on this guide to Tbilisi Instagram spots is surrounded by lovely, narrow streets. These streets are lined with merchants and markets full of carpets and handicrafts. Get to know the local art and take pictures of the beautiful colours – or perhaps take home an authentic souvenir!

best photo spots in tbilisi: local handcrafts
You can find some unique pieces at the local markets

These stands also offer the chance to try the traditional Churchkhela, a traditional Georgian candy made from grape must, nuts and flour. It looks a little like sausages and it’s traditionally eaten after the harvest.

best photo spots in tbilisi: local handcrafts
A souvenir maybe?

For more on historic Georgia, check out the Tbilisi & Mtskheta: The Ancient & Modern Capitals Tour!

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond Tbilisi Instagram Spots

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