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Time to pack for a week in Tel Aviv and some Tel Aviv fashion… As always the question…what should I bring this time?  As Tel Aviv and its surroundings offer everything from lazy days at the beach, to city life to history and excursions to some of the holiest places in our history, packing can be a time-consuming task. However, I hope my Tel Aviv style and packing guide below will make the preparation a bit easier!

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Tel Aviv Fashion: 3 Must-Have Outfits for Your Trip! 

For a complete Tel Aviv style, I would strongly recommend you to focus on the following three styles: Lazy Days at the Beach, the City Chic Girl and the Excursion Time Style! See my Packing Guide below, with my ultimate Tel Aviv fashion tips.

Style no 1: Lazy Days at the Many Tel Aviv Beaches

The first Tel Aviv Style to prepare yourself for is the beach one! Tel Aviv fashion and life is very much centered around the long white sandy beaches that stretch along the Mediterranean. The vibe here is relaxed but with a bit of a hip touch and the days are hot.

A big cool sunhat, the bigger the better,  sunglasses, at least three pairs so you can alter,  as well as your favorite flip-flops and beach sandals are musts to put in the suitcase.

Tel Aviv Style
Hello beach! Shorts & Hat from HM, top from VILA, glasses from Tom Ford and golden sandals from Rome:)!

This summer has been the summer of summer dresses and jumpsuits in all styles and they are just perfect for Tel Aviv fashion and days by the beach and long lunches at the many beach restaurants.

Tel Aviv Style
Dressed for the beach in my summer dress from HM

Shorts. The summer of 2018 was the summer when shorts took over the short skirts in my wardrobe. Jeans shorts but also other more stylish and boho chic options are perfect for a city beach destination like Tel Aviv. Add some off shoulders and you have a number of hip Tel Aviv fashion outfits for the beach days!

Tel Aviv Style
Nothing beats days by the beach!

Style no 2: Excursion Time

A must when in Tel Aviv is to explore the surroundings. A trip to Jerusalem is less than an hour away. A day in the Old City of Jerusalem is a truly mind-blowing experience but also requires some planning as many of the places have a strict dress code so important to bring the right outfit for some good Tel Aviv fashion.

Tel Aviv Style
Jerusalem here we go in an oversized T-shirt from Other Stories, pants from Rodebjer & bag from Furla

When going to Jerusalem go for clothes that are covering your shoulders and legs, still you want to look chic. I went for an oversized T-shirt together with my new favorite summer pants from  Rodebjer. 

I just love these pants. They fit almost every occasion, can be used for the beach, the city and turned out to be the perfect choice for hot days in the narrow alleys of the Old city in Jerusalem. Put on a comfy pair of ballerinas (below my rosé gold ones from Dune) and do not forget the hat, the sunglasses, and the camera. All set for a day in the footstep of some of the most prominent ancestors of our history.

My Tel Aviv Style for a day in Jerusalem
Love the colorful alleys of the Old City in Jerusalem

Style no 3: Tel Aviv Fashion for the City Chic Girl

Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps, a city full of restaurants, bars, kebab places and clubs in all forms. The city has a very relaxed atmosphere so you can easily stay in your flip-flops and beach dress all night long. Still, this city is full of hip eateries and small rooftops, perfect for a city chic look.

For a dinner at Jaffa, you can easily go for a more relaxed Tel Aviv style. Here the streets are filled with small outside restaurants and a lovely relaxed vibe while in Tel Aviv I would go for a more chic outfit!

Dressed in my favorite Tel Aviv Fashion outfit for a day in the city
The Streets of Tel Aviv in my favorite hood Shabazi

Jumpsuit. Again? Yes, I just love this piece of fashion. To Tel Aviv, I brought my black short one from Sandro.  Perfect for a night out together with the golden sandals I bought in Rome. Tel Aviv fashion feels seamless during the hot months!

travel guide tel aviv
Ready for a night out in my jumpsuit from Sandro!

The summer of 2018 was the summer when a new color entered my wardrobe – green. Read all about it in my previous Travel in Style Post.  I am absolutely in love with all green pieces from Samsoe Samsoe and their dresses are my favorites for Tel Aviv style.

The dress below has been one of the most used items in my wardrobe this summer, starting with my Tel Aviv fashion choices. Perfect for exploring the city and for an evening out!

Tel Aviv Style
Can I come in? Dressed in my dress from Samsoe Samsoe

And, of course…

Last but not least, my new favorites from Toteme. This long dress and the pretty top was a perfect match for the bohemian and urban chic rooftops, for the ultimate Tel Aviv fashion look.

They can be worn together but also separate. The top together with my favorite jeans has been a hit this summer and the skirt with a top is also a perfect match.

My favorite Tel Aviv fashion outfit at the roof top of Alma hotel
On the rooftop all dressed in Toteme!
alma hotel tel aviv
Bye Bye Tel Aviv!

So fill your suitcase with clothes for the three looks above and your Tel Aviv style and Tel Aviv fashion outfits are all set! Check out my other Travel in Style posts if you want to get more fashion inspiration!

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  1. Interesting detailed write up…provides beautiful insight into Tell Aviv.
    Beautiful pics..

    • Linda Reply

      thank you, I hope you get a chance to experience it too 🙂

  2. Tel Aviv is always that secret place that I want to go to . Honestly because I used to LOVE NCIS and Ziva was from there!

    Also, I love the edits on your photos.

    • Linda Reply

      haha well at least that’s a reason, it definitely deserves a visit 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh all of these looks are so cute! I love that it’s all so versatile. Ugh I definitely want to visit Tel Aviv now! I’ve heard incredible things!

    • Linda Reply

      Yes, the best thing is packing clothes that you can pair with a lot of different options 🙂 It’s beautiful, you wont regret it!

  4. Thanks for the guide! I was wondering of it would still work out for the entire year if I visit outside of the summer months?

    • Linda Reply

      Oh, yeah I’d make sure to plan the outfits so they can be used during all seasons 🙂

  5. Great guide! Tel Aviv is on my list of places to go and this is very helpful. I love the different clothing options, as well! I always need options.

    • Linda Reply

      thank you, i’m glad you like it. You should definitely visit!

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