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A Mediterranean dream, Israel’s second-largest city has a lot to offer – and so do the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv! This Middle Eastern darling combines the old and regal beauty of its millennia of history with a fun and Miami-esque vibe. The coolest Tel Aviv Instagram spots include gems from old times and new, from coastal beauties to design marvels and essential historical sites. 

Tel Aviv Instagram spots
Hello Tel Aviv! A cute spot at the hip beach restaurant Gazoz!

Just a reminder that wherever you go, it’s very important to remain a conscious Instagram traveller, always respecting locals’ everyday lives. Wake up early to avoid crowds and getting in the way, and always be respectful. Israel, and particularly Jerusalem, is full of solemn religious sites and maintaining traditions becomes absolutely essential!

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Tel Aviv Instagram Spots Honouring the Skyline

Some of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv revolve around the city’s beautiful skyline. The combination of skyscrapers and the deep Mediterranean blue makes for incredible photo ops!

1. The Best Viewpoint: Ha’Midron Garden

From the Jaffa side of town stands one of my favourite Tel Aviv Instagram spots: Ha’Midron Garden. A small garden on the slopes of Jaffa, the view of the city skyline here is breathtaking. Take amazing snaps of the skyline combined with the ocean and the cute garden!

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: Ha'midron Garden
Breathtaking view over the city
Tel Aviv Instagram spots: Ha'midron garden view
If you want to take some magical photos, this is the place to go!

2. On Top of the World at the I Love Tel Aviv Sign

Near Ha’Midron, you’ll find another gem for picture-taking: the I Love Tel Aviv sign. Much like the Hollywood one in L.A., it sits atop a hill overlooking the city, offering one of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: i love tel aviv sign
I mean this is meant to go on your Instagram feed

The Best Instagram Spots in Tel Aviv for Architecture & Street Pics

A hip and funky town in a very traditional region, Tel Aviv has a certain metropolitan magic. The architecture is quite diverse and eclectic, and architecture lovers will find Tel Aviv Instagram spots for every taste. When you head towards the beach, the architecture is more contemporary; meanwhile, places like Shabazi have an older and even medival approach. A wonder of differences!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: shabazi street
Shabazi…Love the vibe here!

3. The Colourful Dan Hotel

Easily one of the most popular Tel Aviv Instagram spots, the Dan Tel Aviv hotel is a must for photography lovers. A rainbow-coloured darling by the boardwalk, it has some strong Miami Beach vibes. It’s also a very photogenic place – and you’ll notice quite a few people trying to take snaps of it around you. Come early for the best shots, avoiding cars and people!

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: Dan hotel
Add some color to your photos at the colorful Dan Hotel

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By the way when off to Instagram hunt do not forget your powerbank! The biggest dissapointment is when your smatphone battery died sometime around lunch and you have few more beautiful places on your list.

4. Eclectic Shabazi 

The cute and picturesque Shabazi Street and its surroundings offer some of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv. The architecture in this area is breathtaking, and I particularly loved the colourful and cute doors. Still, colour is everywhere here, with lovely street art . 

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: shabazi
1..2..3.. Pose!

When I visited there was also a fantastic umbrella-based art installation right outside the Suzanne Dellal Centre. I mean, how cute?

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: shabazi colorful
On my tippy toes trying to be a ballerina!
best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: shabazi
The cutest Shabazi house!

Tel Aviv Instagram Spots in Proud Old Jaffa

Jaffa is believed to be one of the oldest ports on Earth, with a written history dating back to biblical times. Associated with figures like Solomon, Jonah, and Saint Peter, it’s now a vibrant neighbourhood with a unique vibe. The outburst of colour in this area makes for some of the best Instagram spots in Tel Aviv!

5. Flea Market & Its Surroundings 

The Jaffa flea market is a prime Tel Aviv attraction, where you can really get into the skin of local life. Get lost here with your camera and explore the surroundings, between the beautiful things at the market and the imposing hundreds-of-years-old buildings.

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: flea markets
Here’s the place to find those unique things, maybe a souvenir?
Tel Aviv Instagram spots: flea market
Let yourself to get lost!

6. The Iconic Clock Tower

The Jaffa clock tower is one of the most famous landmarks in town, and easily one of the coolest Tel Aviv Instagram spots. This place is just waiting for you to take pics – and don’t leave out its super cute door!

Best Instagram Spots in Tel Aviv for Beach Snaps

The beach is an integral part of the Tel Aviv vibe, so you can imagine the coast is full of lovely places. It’s important to note, however, that this is a popular Mediterranean summer location, so there are some massively crowded beaches. Find the ultimate Tel Aviv Instagram spots by stepping slightly away from the beaten path, or simply waking up early and heading to the more popular places.

If you’re looking to party, this is the place for you – the Tel Aviv beach life is quite similar to Rio’s! A wild place full of incredible places, you’ll find everything you need to dance the evening away here. I highly recommend Jerusalem Beach for partying, as they have many fantastic lunch options, though it can get extremely crowded.

7. Viewpoint Over Russian Beach

When you walk between Jaffa and the main boardwalk, you’ll find a beautiful area lined with cliffs. Get your camera ready for one of the best Instagram spots in Tel Avi, overlooking the smaller Russian Beach.

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: the russian beach
Ahh taking a deep breath and capturing this moment!
Tel Aviv Instagram spots: the russian beach viewpoint
Perfect place for a walk, bring your walking shoes, or maybe a camera and an outfit?

8. Peaceful & Luxurious Hilton Hotel

Tel Aviv is quite crowded, but we found the Hilton to have one of the most peaceful beaches. Perfect to relax by the waves and take some pics! 

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: the hilton hotel beach
Perfect weather, perfect beach, perfect photos!

9. The Secluded Jaffa Seaside

My favourite out of all beach Tel Avi Instagram spots, this is a small beach that barely gets any visitors. Just below the Jaffa clock tower, this cute spot offers a great view of the city skyline!

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: jaffaa seaside beach
The Jaffaa Seaside beach – A personal favorite!
Fredrik enjoyed it too – can you tell:)?

Beyond the Best Instagram Spots Tel Aviv: Jerusalem

If you have some extra days in Tel Aviv, I cannot recommend enough to take a day trip to Jerusalem, which is only 60 km away. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s considered a holy city in three of the world’s biggest religions. There is something deeply humbling about standing on Jerusalem and being on the places from biblical times, sharing the same spaces as saints and great figures from millennia ago.

Best Instagram Spots in Tel Aviv: The streets of Jerusalem
Hello Jerusalem!

Please, remember to be mindful of religious traditions in these holy places. Respect is essential, as many people visiting are there because of pilgrimages, perhaps having waited a long time to get there. This powerful place speaks a lot to many people around the world, and respecting that is of the utmost importance. 

10. The Streets of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city with thousands of years of history, and it’s been in the middle of many a conflict over the millennia. Walking around its streets and seeing the remains of history is an experience in and of itself, with its labyrinthic passageways. Take your time and respectfully cover the ground with your camera.

Tel Aviv Instagram spots: jerusalem
If you’re going to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem is a must-visit!
Tel Aviv Instagram spots: jerusalem
The alleyways here are just gorogeous!

11. The Western Wall

Also known as the Wailing Wall, this is one of the holiest sites in the world. It’s also very crowded and full of energy, so to take pics, it’s best to stand back a bit. Climb up the stairs of the building opposite the wall and you’ll find plenty of great photo spots.

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: western wall
Taking it all in….

12. Imposing Al Aqsa Mosque

The third holiest site in Islam, this mosque is a true beauty, with its shining dome and mosaic patterns in blues and greens. It’s a very large area with plenty of photo ops everywhere!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: al aqsa mosque
A perfect match!
best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: al aqsa mosque
And of course, me too! Such a unique place in Tel Aviv

Keep in mind that women must be fully covered in this mosque, so if you don’t wan’t to use the clothes available for visitors, you have to arrive with full-length trousers and top. I did that but as you can see in the photo above, my clothes did not get approved:)!

13. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The holiest place in Christiandom, it’s also a very beautiful church with lots of beautiful places for snaps, particularly right outside. As always, remember to be very mindful of worshippers!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: the church of the holy sepulchre
A masterpiece!

Tel Aviv Instagram Spots at Boutique Hotels

There’s a real love of design in this city, and for me, some of the best Instagram spots in Tel Aviv were in beautiful boutique hotels. I found three absolute gems in town, with incredible and Insta-ready terraces!

Want to find out more about the beautiful design hotels in this thriving Mediterranean city? Check out my Tel Aviv hotel review!

14. The Market House Hotel – The Perfect Jaffa Escape

A perfect hotel all around, Market House has everything from excellent location to amazing service and breathtaking design. The old building with lovely contemporary design details make for some of the coolest Tel Aviv Instagram spots!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: market house hotel
How cool is this hotel? I’m loving the decoration

Love the Market House Hotel? Book it HERE!

15. Alma Hotel & Lounge – An Aqua Dream

A beautifully restored 20th-century building, Alma Hotel is a chic oasis with a very hip terrace. It’s also one of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv for pics of the chill Mediterranean life in the summer!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: alma hotel
This rooftop on a summer day, that’s all I can ask for
best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: alma hotel
Enjoying the Golden hour shimmer!

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16. The Hip Brown TLV Urban Hotel

Brown TLV Urban Hotel is a luxurious darling in a dark palette, with rich wooden details everywhere. The gorgeous deluxe design makes you feel like you’re inside the apartment of a dear and very fashionable friend. Inside and out, it offers some of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv!

Best instagram spots in Tel Aviv: TWL Brown Hotel
Loved their rooftop for a drink or two!

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The Most Instagrammable Food in Tel Aviv

As a region, the Middle East has one of the oldest and richest food traditions on Earth. In a hip city like Tel Aviv, this rich and historic gastronomy has translated into incredible trendy cafés and restaurants that also take a little influence from all over the world. The flavours are incredible, for sure, and there’s also a real care for presentation, with beautiful plating. Enjoy delicious meals while you’re enjoying some of the ultimate Tel Aviv Instagram spots!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: food
Are you looking for breakfast, lunch, brunch.. you name it, Tel Aviv’s got you covered

Find out more about the delicious flavours of the city in my Tel Aviv restaurant review!

17. Café Puaa – The Boho Insta Beauty

Once a furniture store and now a cute design spot, Café Puaa is among my favourite Tel Aviv Instagram spots. The food options are healthy and delicious, and the vibe is very fun and bohemian. So many colours and cute pieces of furniture!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: café puaa
My favorite, Café Puaa
best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: café puaa
Loving the vibe here

18. American Breakfast at Benedict

The most famous breakfast place in town and one of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv, Benedict has the vibe and menu of an American diner. All-day American breakfast with a sweet and friendly atmosphere – in a very picture-ready setting!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: Benedict food
Benedict, the place for an american breakfast

19. The Old Man and the Sea – Israeli Food by the Port

The design isn’t the protagonist at The Old Man and the Sea – but the surrounding more than makes up for it. In a sweet spot by the port, the views of the Mediterranean are some of the ultimate Tel Aviv Instagram spots. Plus, the food is delicious – and quite Insta-ready!

Tel Aviv Instagram Spots for Sunset Pics

Sunsets are well known to be the magic hour everywhere – but this is especially so in places by the sea. Of course, some of the best Instagram spots Tel Aviv occur just as the evening is making its way into the city!  

20. Dreams of Pink

For the best views, head to the beach when the sun is coming down. For me, the ultimate spot for Insta-ready sunsets is between Jaffa and the port!

best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: sunset view
Magical night watching the sunset
best Instagram spots Tel Aviv: sunset
Thank you Tel Aviv for being so photogenic, bye for now

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