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The Florida Keys – Let’s hit the road!

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Back to where it all started – Florida and Miami – but luckily it was not yet over! We were experiencing some of the most memorable times on this Florida road trip. Here are some things to do in Florida in this mini Florida travel guide.

In the airport garage, we found her. The black beauty, our Mustang, that would be our travel companion during the last ten days of our trip. Even though Fredrik would not admit it (being a Corvette guy), it was love at first sight, a perfect fit!

The Ride - Florida and Miami

The Ride – Florida Road Trip – Things to do in Florida

And so we hit the road – time to take our Florida road trip all the way to Key West! The roof and windows down, the sunglasses on and old country music from the speakers. Enjoy it all iin the blog and video below!

After almost three months of traveling, full of amazing experiences and impressions, we quietly watched the landscape pass by with the wind blowing in our hair. Taking it all in, letting ourselves be swept away!

Suddenly, the clouds disappeared, the sun was shining and the temperature rose 10 degrees. The country music was changed to Roxette and Ace of Base hits from the 90s and soon the hands were in the air, the silence turned into beautiful singing. Being on the road fills you with such a freedom feeling – at least if you are driving through the Keys in a black Mustang!

The islands, the bridges, the blue water that turned turquoise the further out we got, the huge houses – an unforgettable amazing Florida road trip!!

Florida Road trip
Florida Road tripFlorida Road tripThe Stops – Florida Travel Guide

The trip from Miami to Key West, crossing over 42 different bridges, was supposed to take about four hours. However, if you like to explore every island, harbor and cool place it will take you almost double:)! There are so many things to see and things to do in Florida during a Florida road trip.

At the island Islamodora, we found Robbies, a colorful hippie place where we watched people feed the hungry Tarpons from their hands.

We had a delicious lunch by the harbor at The Lighthouse Grill at Faro Blanco Resort and we slowly lost count of the detours and stops we did along the way!

things to see in floridathings to see in floridathings to see in floridathings to see in floridathings to see in florida

We enjoyed the ride and view crossing the Seven Mile Bridge, a bridge that never seemed to end and found one of our favorite photo spots on our way back, at the end of the Old Railroad bridge.

Old Railroad bridge - florida Old Railroad bridge - florida

 Key West – The Multifaceted Destination

This picturesque island city, located closer to Cuba than to Miami, has a truly unique style and vibe. A blend of American, Bahamian and Cuban influences. A perfect place for some lazy and laid back days.

Staying at one of the many Key West hostels and Inns is a must and we found a true little gem, The Cabana Inn. An oasis just one block away from the busy Duval street in a historic conch estate. Friendly staff, laid back atmosphere, lush interior courtyards and a design influenced by the minimalistic Scandinavia – well, it felt almost like home!

The Cabana InnThe Cabana Inn The Cabana Inn
When in Key West you can either drinking beer and listen to live music all day long or just enjoy some relaxing days. We went for the latter…

Streets of Key West

Exploring the pretty streets lined with American wooden houses, gingerbread mansions, one of which used to be the home of Hemingway, kept us busy. We found our favorite boutiques, restaurants and cafes in the more quite part of Duval and Petronia Street..

Admiring the turquoise water, the boats and the beautiful views from the harbor and all the docks
the beautiful beach florida
Enjoying lazy days at the beautiful beach with tasty food truck lunches in the sand…
the beautiful beach floridathe beautiful beach floridathe beautiful beach florida
Yoga, healthy smoothies and shopping at lovely Key West Yoga Sanctuary concept store and yoga studio…
Key West Yoga Sanctuary
A late “must” visit to the Southernmost Point to avoid the crowds…
Southernmost Point

Cosy dinner at Bagatelle, a historic Key West mansion but now a secluded oasis in the busiest part of Duval street, delicious and locally sourced sea food in the hip Thirsty Mermaid, and finally a long romantic evening by the ocean at Louie’s Backyard.

And yes, we did listen to some live music and even visitied Sloppy Joe…

Bagatelle - best places to eat in floridaBagatelle - best places to eat in florida Bagatelle - best places to eat in florida Bagatelle - best places to eat in florida

Last but not least… the famous and Magic Sunsets at the Sunset Pier, crazy Mallory Square and Louie’s Backyard, offering a new scenery and natural wonder every evening.

Magic Sunsets in Florida Magic Sunsets in Florida

We loved our days in this pretty, picturesqe but yet crazy and kitschy paradise. Key West is truly one of a kind – Close to Perfect – Far from Normal!

The Romantic End

Heading back, we stopped halfway in Marathon for a romantic dinner at The Dining Room in Little Palm Island Resort. And romance we got!

A beautiful sunset while crossing the Seven Mile Bridge again, a boat ride in the dark and a candle light dinner for two on the beach accompanied by the pets of the island, the four friendly and curious deers. To end the night sitting on the beach in front of the fire sipping on a drink made it all magic!

Could not think of a better end to our great days in the Keys!

Little Palm Island Resort Florida Little Palm Island Resort Florida Little Palm Island Resort Florida Little Palm Island Resort Florida

Don’t forget to read about our Miami stop!


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