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This post is written as an ambassador of Momondo an is an #admomondo but my reflections below are fully my own!

Time for some  travel blogger reflection! What is travel for you? What is the reason for you travelling the world?

@momondo has just launched a new film – THE WORLD PIECE – with an extremely important message in today’s world that seem to be more divided than ever! Have a look! What do you think of it? My reflections below!

For me this represents the power of travel in a fantastic way. In the end we are all just humans sharing this world. I am a strong believer that travel unites us, widens our perspective & understanding of each other. There is nothing stronger than a personal meeting, a true local experience.

But we all need to become more conscious travellers in the future. We can not travel like there is no tomorrow.  We need to travel with our planet in mind. Making us think about how we travel to various destinations, how often & ensuring that the local societies benefits from the tourism, not only big international players!⁣


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