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Amalfi Coast Road Trip – Ravello

It was time to head back to Rome after some lovely days on the Amalfi Coast! There’s always time for an Amalfi coast road trip! This time we were going to discover Ravello and the many things to do in Ravello!

But before that, we had one more treasure to discover on the next stop of our Amalfi Coast road trip – Ravello! 15 minutes drive from Amalfi, high up in the hills, we found this charming little village that is said to have captivated countless souls, inspired artists and filled hearts with passion. And captivated we got!

The Romantic Streets & Romantic Pathways – Things to do in Ravello

We got greeted by  Piazza Vescovado, the center of Ravello full of cafés and restaurants and with the Duomo – the white cathedral – as the main attraction.

Amalfi Coast Road Trip
The White Doumo of Ravello

Continuing beyond the square we slowly but surely started to uncover the beauty of the romantic medieval streets  lined with small gardens,  squares and colorful houses.  Step by step, taking it all in, getting lost in these picturesque part of Ravello!

Amalfi Coast Road Trip
The Streets of Ravello
Amalfi Coast Road Trip
Coloful Gardens  & Yards in every Corner
Amalfi Coast Road Trip
The Romantic Streets of Ravello
Amalfi Coast Road Trip
The Medieval Pathways of Ravello

Ravello must be heaven for every painter and along the ancient stone pathways, you can admire some of their masterpieces and watch the painters’s work coming to life!

Paintings in the Bohemian Parts of Ravello
Paintings in the Bohemian Parts of Ravello

I could have been stayed here for ever but the best part of Ravello was waiting – the ravishing gardens and stupendous views!

 Villa Rufolo 

Being the historical and cultural center of Ravello, Villa Rufolo, was built by a wealthy merchant family in the 13th century. And wealthy they must have been as back then it was one of the largest and most expensive villas on the Amalfi Coast. This place is just stunning. The court yards, the medieval buildings  and last but not least, the design of the villa itself. The stone walls, the floors, the beautiful hand made doors, the pastel colors… Just imagine waking up here every morning!

A Beautiful Courtyard of Villa Rufolo
A Beautiful Courtyard of Villa Rufolo
Villa Rufolo from the inside
Villa Rufolo from the inside

The True, Unexpected Magic

But what took our breaths away was when, in the foot steps of Wagner, we stepped out in the  gardens facing the sea and reached the magnificent view points .

What Wagner saw impressed him so much that he and famously exclaimed “I have discovered Klingsor’s garden”. We were just speechless! To describe this sight, you must be a much better writer than I am and sometimes an image or two says more than thousands words!

Quite a View from Villa Rufolo
Quite a View from Villa Rufolo
Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy
Another View Point
Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy
The most Amazing Colors

Certainly the best view on the Amalfi Coast and by some even exclaimed the best view in the world!

Even though we did not wanted to leave Ravello, it was time to head back to Rome and this time we took the a nerve-tingling drive crossing the mountains, ending with another magnificent view of Pompeii and Vesuvio!

Pompeii & Vesuvio, Italy
Pompeii & Vesuvio

After having seen many amazing photos from the Amalfi Coast, our expectations were sky high but some places are just more beautiful in real life than in images. The Amalfi Coast is for sure one of them and a road trip here is for sure something out of the ordinary!!!

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