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Now when travel life is back to normal, time has come for the colourful Rio post! There are so many exciting things to do in Rio de Janeiro.

One thing is certain; you never get bored in Rio! There are so many things to do and see and the vibrant atmosphere gives you a lot of energy. We have biked around the Lagoon, visited the beautiful Botanical Garden and the famous football stadium, Maracana.

things to do in rio de janeiro
Did I mention the city is extra colorful?!


However, on top of our sightseeing list are for sure Sugar Loaf and Christo Redemption, the second of the world’s wonder on this trip. Sugar Loaf offers a breathtaking view of Rio and its surroundings. I am sure the view from the Christo Redemption statue would have been even better if he would not have been so shy during our visit. At least we managed to get a kiss with him mysteriously watching over us in the background!

Rio de Janeiro
Time to experience Rio!
Rio de Janeiro
My favourite travel partner!!

We both got addicted to the fresh juices and acai bowls in the many corner bars and I have lost track of the number of hamburgers my Iron Man has been eating during this trip.

But we also have had a lot of “yammy” dinners. We were lucky to be one of the first guests in a newly opened Italian restaurant at Rua Miguel Lemos, a genuine Italian experience in terms of both food and ambience. We had a romantic and tasty dinner at Felice Caffe in Ipanema, delicious meat in the “couple in love room” at Churrascaria Palace and at Riba I finally got my favorite vacay lunch, burrata and burger!

rio de janeiro food
Our meal at Riba
rio de janeiro food
Enjoying our pastas!
Rio de Janeiro
Not the most appetizing!


Rio is truly a city of contrasts. One day you are dressed up like a carnival queen and visit the artistic areas of the Selaron stairways. Or you hang out at Copacabana or Ipanema beach during the weekends, an adventure in itself. Weekend beach life in Rio is totally CRAZY. It can not be described in words but has to be experienced in real life, especially if you stay in posto 9 together with all youngsters!

In the evening, you are swept away by the Samba rhythms in one of the many dance floors at Rio Scenarium, an eccentric and mysterious place where you eat and dance surrounded by antiques from all over the world! You easily get lost into the samba beats, moving along with crowd, the hot bodies surrounding you – being fully absorbed by the music.

Rio truly brings new sides out of you:)!

mardi gras
Mardi Gras time!

Things to Do in Rio De Janeiro

However, the next day you find yourself in a very different world – Rocinha, the biggest favela in Rio. At first glance it looks like a worn down city (220 000 people live here). The first stop at the art market leaves you with a positive feeling. But when getting deeper into the city and the small alleys along the mountainsides where people live, your heart is broken. Living in this darkness, in this dusty air is not a good life. The poorer you are the tougher it is – the more steps you have to climb.

When visiting areas like this you ask yourself “What have I done to deserve my great life?” I guess nothing; You were just lucky!

But what also strikes you when strolling down the streets and alleys is that there still is happiness. There is laughter and joy. The streets are filled with friendly and smiling people discussing life, doing business or just hanging out. Kids are playing in the streets. I guess we all adjust to the situation, trying to make the best out of it. But life just isn’t fair, especially not in Rio!

rio travel guide
Exploring the city
Rio de janeiro
The streets of Rio de Janeiro
rio de janeiro
We got to experience all different sides of life

If Lima was the city of fusion, Rio is the city of contrasts! It will stay in your heart, mind and soul for a long time. And even if Rio kept us for some extra days, we leave with a big smile. A bit more daring but also reminded about the tough life out there!

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