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So this is my first fashion and travel style post, the first post for the section on the blog called Travel in Style.  This post I will dedicate to my favorite summer shirts. A totally new fashion element in my summer wardrobe.

Travel and fashion have always been topics close to my heart and the second one maybe even more so, since I became a travel blogger. I love to shop abroad, bringing a piece of the place you visit to your home. A memory that reminds you of the places you visited in your everyday life.  Becoming a travel blogger has made me appreciate also the planning and packing part. Nowadays, I love to go through my wardrobe, currently the summer wardrobe, deciding what style fits the upcoming destination. The packing part has all of a sudden become so much more fun! Travel style is now a favorite topic on my agenda!

Summer wardrobe 2018
My Jerusalem Outfit – Soon on the Blog!

This post I will dedicate to a part of my summer wardrobe, that did not exist before this summer; shirts! I am not a shirt girl at all. As you see from my photos, I have quite a feminine style, love boho chic & romantic designs and of course everything that is pink. I have never felt comfortable in shirts. Do not get me wrong, I think they look awesome on others but it has just not been my kind of thing…. !

Dressed in my favorite shirts of the season - my fav travel style outfit!
Dressed for a Lazy City Sunday Brunch!

Living in Moscow, it is sometimes a bit of a struggle to fill up the wardrobe before each season. There are a lot of cool Russian brands and stores. My wardrobe has for sure been extended since I moved here, with some more daring and colorful pieces.

Still, for the majority of my clothes, I do my shopping in Stockholm or Copenhagen. For the summer wardrobe 2018, it was not a tough tasks. This was the season when you want to buy everything. When you feel that the fashion trends are just spot on, all made for you. Loved all the pastel colors, the tropical and flower patterns and of course all skirts and dresses.

However, looking back at my shopping for this summer, it is full of surprises, even for me. This was the season when shirts made an entrance into my summer wardrobe 2018 and  pink turned into green. The latter I will talk about later, so lets start with the shirts, my new favorite travel style!

The shopping for my summer wardrobe 2018 started when Jenny, my best friend and big fashion inspiration, showed me her latest shopping bargains. Check out her Instagram accounts for more inspo (@swedishyogagirl & @jennykruseborn). As always I loved it all. We have almost the same style and taste but when she started to talk about shirts my interest dropped. However, when she showed me what she bought, surprised I got. So… when the girl in Stockholm Blvd started to show me the news from Sleek, I was ready to try them on. My two purchases there and then, have become two favorites in my summer wardrobe 2018 and my most used travel style!

Summer wardrobe 2018
Jenny @swedishyogagirl  dressed my fav dress from Other Stories

The blue striped one is now joining me for all trips. The perfect travel style and flight outfit together with my favorite jeans. Comfy but yet stylish. It also fits perfectly to short jeans shorts a lazy city Sunday or you can dress it up with tight white jeans or other trousers for a hip day at work. Just unbutton the last buttons and make a knot!

Summer wardrobe 2018
A Totally New Style – But I like it!

The white newbie has also been used a lot. This is truly a shirt for a girl that wants to keep the feminine style. Love the flounce and the fact that it is a mix of a shirt and tank top without cover for one arm. Also a piece you can dress up or down depending on what you combine it with. Sneakers and shorts for a relaxed day and tight jeans and high heals for a day at work or an evening out! Check out the Sleek site for more shirt inspo!

Dressed in a cool shirt from sleek atelier - nowadays my favorite travel style
When in Russia, You Have to Pose with a Lada!

I have also added a tank top from Carin Wester (brand of the Swedish shop Åhlens) to my summer collection. Not a shirt but still the stripes, color and style makes it fit perfectly in the shirt part of my summer wardrobe 2018! A top that is perfect for beach days or evenings out. Love the cute details like the shoulder-straps that you have to knot. Makes the stripe style more feminine.

Dressed for the beach - favorite travel style of this summer!
Dressed for the Beach in top from Carin Wester & Glasses from Oriflame

I hope you got some inspiration from this travel style post! More to come during this summer. Any feedback, comment and ideas are more than welcome!!! For my latest travels check out my Tel Aviv and Lisbon Posts!

Happy Summer – Happy Travel – Happy Summer Wardrobe 2018!

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    • Linda Reply

      Ha ha, not sure it is easy but I actually love it! Happy you like it!

  1. Loving your travel staples here! I’m actually now looking to buy some comfy summery pieces, mainly for travel, and this type of shirts is exactly what I’m looking for.

    • Linda Reply

      Glad you like it! They are perfect for traveling so hope you find some good ones!

  2. I’ve never really worn shirts but recently I’ve really got the urge to try them! I loved the way you styled them! x

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