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Famous for its beautiful canals and colorful tulips, the Dutch capital is also a thoroughly modern city. As such, you can find your favorite trendy restaurant Amsterdam anywhere! This vibrant European metropolis is a hub for cuisines from all over the world. We had an incredible time finding the coolest hip restaurants Amsterdam – and we hope you’ll enjoy them, too. From white dining to rough and rustic eateries, hip restaurants Amsterdam are crazy varied. Let’s get to it!

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Trendy Restaurant Amsterdam: Top 6 Hip Restaurants Amsterdam

1. Black & Blue – The Place for Steak at Jordaan

  1. Food: 4
  2. Drinks 4
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 3
  5. Service 4

One word on why this trendy restaurant Amsterdam deserves to be your first stop: meat! Specializing in simple and delicious steaks made with organic meat, Black & Blue is quite the local gem. What makes this one of the top hip restaurants Amsterdam is its commitment to keeping things simple. Tasty food, a relaxed atmosphere and an unassuming menu is all it takes. Also check out their newly opened Bleu Amsterdam downtown, and then head to Black, their fanciest venue.

The hip interior of Black & Blue Amsterdam, a gem among hip restaurants Amsterdam
Black & Blue – A true local Amsterdam gem!
Mixing classical elements with modern style at Black & Blue Restaurant Amsterdam
“Get together” and enjoy this hip restaurant
Beautiful paintings above the tables of Black & Blue, a gem among hip restaurants Amsterdam
Intriguing paintings

2. La Olivia – A Trendy Restaurant Amsterdam for Basque Flavors 

  1. Food: 3
  2. Drinks: 4
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 4
  5. Service: 4

We weren’t about to miss La Olivia, the trendy restaurant Amsterdam dedicated to Basque cuisine. Serving a wide variety of tapas, including pinchos, the vibe here is not unlike that in Spain. While we had some relaxing times and delicious cava, I expected a little more from the food. However, I did love the bistro design and the very friendly service. It’s one of the hip restaurants Amsterdam with the best location, in a very busy Jordaan street. A popular area for locals to hang out in, the general atmosphere was amazing. If you are up for some other cuisine then, check out the other restaurants.  We had a drink at vibrant and extremely popular  La Perla!

La Olivia, a truly trendy restaurant Amsterdam
The cutest entrance!

3. MaMa Kelly – A Pink Insta Gem

  1. Food: 3
  2. Drinks: 4
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 5
  5. Service: 3

While not necessarily serving the most delicious flavors in town, MaMa Kelly is certainly a beautiful trendy restaurant Amsterdam. Designed in full pink, it screams Instagram posts and girls’ night out! This lovely darling among hip restaurants Amsterdam looks straight out of an art deco dream, kind of like the restaurant setting in a romantic comedy.

Me, beneath the lights of MaMa Kelly - a trendy restaurant Amsterdam
Perfect setting for a pink lover like me!

There’s also a bit of a party vibe, which makes it perfect to hang out with a girl group. The reviews of this place weren’t great, particularly when it came to the service, but I didn’t think it was terrible, albeit a little slow. Still, it’s the design and the vibe that make MaMa Kelly stand out.

Perfect booth for a photoshoot inside Ma Ma Keylly - a trendy restaurant in Amsterdam
You don’t have to guess, I’ll help you to find the best trendy restaurants in Amsterdam

4. Moer – Organic & Mesmerizing White Dining, A True Trendy Restaurant Amsterdam 

  1. Food: 5
  2. Drinks: 5
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 5
  5. Service: 4

The concept of Moer makes it a unique trendy restaurant Amsterdam.  It’s organic & relaxed white dining. Located on The Conscious Hotel The Tire Station, the restaurant takes the same philosophy when it comes to serving food. Fully organic in its gastronomic proposal, you can choose to have a tasting menu of  4 or 6 dishes, many of which are vegetarian or vegan. Fruits and vegetables are the key ingredients in each plate or drink, for a fully conscious (and quite delicious) foodie experience.

Delicious main dish at Moer - a trendy restaurant Amsterdam
The duck was absolutely divine

I also fell in love with the restaurant’s design, which took influences from Mother Earth but giving it a contemporary twist. For sure, one of the most interesting hip restaurants Amsterdam!

The interior of Moer, a gem among hip restaurants Amsterdam
Mother nature never looked so good!

5. Lion Noir – Modern French Cuisine in a Rustic Setting

  1. Food: 4
  2. Drinks: 4
  3. Atmosphere: 4
  4. Design: 4
  5. Service: 4

Right at the heart of the city lies Lion Noir, a darling trendy restaurant Amsterdam. Looking a little more rustic than you’d expect from a French restaurant, there’s something a little magical about the setting. Old wood crafts the scenery of earthy colors, with a few details in gold and copper for a more upscale feel. Still, what I loved most was impossible to see at first glance: its secret garden! A little luxurious haven outside the bustling town, it’s a unique trait among hip restaurants Amsterdam. The food was delicious, with oysters, caviar and amazing tartar. The place feels like a slice of France tucked away in the most touristic part of the Dutch capital!

6. Foodhallen – Street Food in an Upscale Setting & The Spot for Trendy Restaurant Amsterdam

There’s no rating here because Foodhallen is not exactly one trendy restaurant Amsterdam. An extensive food hall located where a train station used to be, it’s one of the ultimate hangout spots for locals. Here, you’ll see lots of street food stands from all over the world, for a really hip feel. Every weekend, Foodhallen becomes the place to be at, with locals and tourists mixing things up in the hip restaurants Amsterdam. Some of my favorite food offerings included the steamed buns and the Lima tacos and pita bread. I’d also recommend visiting one of the bars for a drink or two! But the choices here are wide and all stands looked just amazing! Truly loved this place and a must visit when in Amsterdam!

Decorations for a stand in Foodhallen - a spot for lots of trendy restaurant Amsterdam
Loved the hip design mixed with delicious street food!
Delicious pastries in a hip restaurant Amsterdam - Foodhallen!
I want to eat all of them!

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