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The Best Places to Eat in Tulum

So, you’ve made up your mind: Tulum is your next destination. But now, the question stands: what Tulum restaurants should you visit? Well have no fear, you can find my favorite places to eat in Tulum, below! From the artsy cuisine of Mur Mur Tulum to the Argentine steaks of Casa Banana Tulum we’ve got you covered.  Not to mention star eatery Hartwood Tulum, one of the most famous eateries in the region!

Remember that the ancient city of Tulum is in Mexico, home to one of the most delicious and rich cuisines in the world. Besides, it’s specifically in the Yucatan Peninsula, home to Yucatecan cuisine, with dishes like the famous cochinita pibil.  

The best places to eat in Tulum are located in the jungle side, opposite to the white beach and all hip boutique hotels. The choice is wide and the quality very high so prepare for a delicious meal in any of these amazing Tulum restaurants!

1. Hartwood Tulum – The Famous Star

1. Food: 5

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4.

Not only does Hartwood Tulum serve amazing food but it also has a fascinating concept: they offer different meals each day, depending on which local ingredients are freshest. Its sustainable approach is notorious even among the very nature-focused Tulum restaurants.

Hartwood focuses on local ingredients to make traditional food in the open fire, in a venue powered by solar panels. In all, Hartwood Tulum is a dream for conscientious eaters from all walks of life. Incredible local dishes and joyful drinks in cute jam jars await!

Hartwood Tulum places to eat in Tulum mur mur tulum casa banana tulum
Poplular Hartwood

2. Casa Banana Tulum  – Paradise for Meat Lovers

1. Food: 4.

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

Even when you’re surrounded by the most beautiful sea landscapes, sometimes you just need a fine steak. If this major craving reaches you when in Tulum, Casa Banana Tulum is the choice for you, as it brings an Argentine-style grill to this Caribbean paradise. 

Buenos Aires’ urban flavors meet Yucatan’s local produce in Casa Banana Tulum, the perfect place for meat lovers. This rustic hangout among Tulum restaurants is great to cave into your need for beef, or just enjoy the scene with a great mixology drink created by the house bartender!

Casa Banana Tulum places to eat in Tulum mur mur tulum
The Casa Banana Restaurant

3. Mur Mur Tulum – The Artsy Place

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 3

Helmed by superstar chef Diego Hernández Baquedano, Mur Mur Tulum masterfully combines the cuisines of Mexican regions Baja California and Yucatan. As other Tulum restaurants, it’s also sustainability-focused: the menu changes seasonally to provide the best dishes with the freshest ingredients year-round.

They also offer theme nights at Mur Mur Tulum. Plus, it happens to be a beautifully designed restaurant that shares its space with some adorable design boutiques. Eating on a couch while surrounded by fashionable items turned out to be one of our favorite Tulum restaurants experiences.

Mur Mur Tulum places to eat in Tulum
Mur Mur Restaurant

4. Gitano – The Jungle Party Paradise Among Tulum Restaurants

1. Food: 4

2. Drinks: 5

3. Atmosphere: 4

4. Design: 4

5. Service: 4

Located in the heart of the Tulum beach jungle, the Gitano bar and grill is the perfect place to snack into the night while enjoying great auteur drinks and maybe some live music. There’s even a dance floor to show off your moves! Don’t forget to try this venue’s modern take on traditional Mexican dishes and their amazing Mezcal cocktails, unique among Tulum restaurants.

Places to eat in Tulum
Gitano- Restaurant & Mezcal Bar In The Jungle
places to eat in Tulum
The Cool Environment of Tulum restaurants

5. MINA – The Cool Latin Fusion Gem

1. Food: 3

2. Drinks: 4

3. Atmosphere: 3

4. Design: 3

5. Service: 3

Located in the Maria del Mar hotel complex close to Azulik, MINA is a Latin fusion restaurant in Tulum. It combines Mexican ingredients and seasoning with Argentine-inspired cuisine – and you know what that means: great beef! The outdoor grill and the restaurant’s beautiful modern and stylish design gives MINA an edge for all those who eat not only with their mouths but also with their eyes. Besides, the house cocktails are delicious and the wine list puts it up with the coolest Tulum restaurants!

places to eat in Tulum restaurants casa banana tulum mur mur tulum

Other great Tulum restaurants to try out include seafood spot extraordinaire Casa Jaguar and Yucatan food place Arca.

If you want to enjoy an evening in Tulum village, I can also recommend the Argentinian restaurant Estancia Jujena. A very cute place hidden in a yard but with a very charming design and great meat!

Tulum is a culinary paradise so enjoy the warm evenings with great food and drinks. Just bring the mosquito spray to really enjoy Tulum restaurants. Don’t leave out Casa Banana Tulum and Mur Mur Tulum just because they’re less famous than Hartwood!

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