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We had extremely high expectations on this little boho glam paradise from magazines but we did not get disappointed! After a week here it is easy to understand why Tulum has become such a popular paradise destination. Consequently, we stayed at some amazing boutique hotels here, like Azulik Resort Tulum as well as La Zebra Hotel Tulum.

The long white beach, the many boutique hotels, the cozy “jungle side” restaurants, the small local designer shops, the yoga shalas and last but not least, the historical heritage from the Mayas – Tulum has it all!

The bohemian and laid back atmosphere, the innovative design and beautiful nature inspires you It also boosts your creativity and makes it a perfect escape to recharge your batteries, to start something new or just enjoy life. SO why not indulge in all the luxury this place has to offer!

Tulum got us hooked and we have tried as many hotels and restaurants as possible in a week! Find all our Tulum favorites below!

1. The Beach Front Boutique Hotels

You can stay both in Tulum town or Tulum beach. Hence tried both but the choice is easy. The beach is a true beauty, tantalizing you with its beautiful colours, the wild waves and the white sand that feels like pure flour under your feet. Even if the beach is full of hotels and people, it has not lost its picturesque feeling. This is thanks to the small design hotels. They are all so different with their own personality and character. You’ll want to try them all, but we found our three favorites.

La Zebra Hotel Tulum

First, La Zebra Hotel Tulum, a small luxury hotel with a modern design inspired by the African and Caribbean vibes and the good fortune animal – La Zebra. Being newly revamped and remodeled, the bungalows are top notch with big balconies facing the ocean. The hotel restaurant offers delicious food and you quickly get into vacation mood in one of the comfortable sun beds, listening to the DJs afternoon lounge music!

La Zebra Hotel Tulum is true to its promises. Here you get the ultimate Beach Chic Tulum Experience!

La Zebra Hotel Tulumbest hotels in tulum - La Zebra best hotels in tulum - La Zebra best hotels in tulum - La Zebra

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Azulik Resort Tulum w/ Maya Spa

Azulik Resort Tulum is a hotel like no other. From the outside, it looks like a crow castle but do not let yourself be fooled!. Entering this hotel you will enter a world very different from anything you have ever seen before.

Being an eco-friendly hotel, there are no paths on the ground, just elevated wooden paths leading to the unique tree villas or the other hotel facilities. The spa offers a wide range of luxury treatments and in the Azulik Dome, looking like a bird nest, we wake up our bodies with some morning yoga.

Here you will find no electric lights, just candle lights – all to create a pure natural and romantic ambience. The beach in this area is not as beautiful as in the more southern part but Azulik is not a hotel you visit for the beach but for its truly unique experience and atmosphere. The Azulik Resort Tulum is a must-see place!

Azulik Resort Tulum Azulik Resort TulumAzulik Resort TulumAzulik Resort TulumAzulik Resort Tulum

The quiet and chill Hampton inspired hotel, Viento De Mar, we already wrote all about in our previous blog post. This hideaway is located in one of the best spots where the beach is the widest.

Just a couple of steps away we found Coco Tulum, our favorite afternoon beach club, with tasty Mexican food and drinks, all to be enjoyed in the swings with the best beach view!

Coco TulumCoco Tulum Coco Tulum

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2. The Jungle Restaurants

In the jungle just across the street, in the area between the Viento De Mar and La Zebra hotel Tulum we had our best dining experiences.

At Hartwood, one of the most famous Tulum restaurant,s we had drinks in cute jam jars and delicious local dishes, all prepares over the hand made a wood burning oven.


The Argentinian restaurant Casa Banana is THE place for meat lovers. The wood-fired oven grilled rib eye and T-bone steak were delicious as well the asparagus and goat cheese salad. This is also a crowded place and you can easily stay here until midnight enjoying the atmosphere and a mixology drink or two!

Casa Banana

Mur Mur offers a unique experience and setting. This well renowned and innovative restaurant has no menu but theme nights and share its space with a number of design boutiques. We had a cosy taco night in a spot decorated as a jungle living room among the boutiques and clothing stands.

Mur Mur

Gitano is the place where most people gather during the later hours, Their modern Mexican food is delicious and perfect for sharing and in the bar they serve innovative Mezcal drinks. And if you stay until midnight you can even try some dance moves on the chill dance floor, or rather spot!

Except for the above restaurants we also enjoyed great drinks and food at Casa Jaguar and Arca as well as at MINA , Maria del Mar Trend Hotel’s modern and stylish restaurant.

3. The Small Boutiques

If you like bohemian and boho chic design then Tulum is the place to shop. The boutiques along the road that separates the beach from the jungle side is filled with fashion and interior boutiques from small local and international designers. Here you can easily find yourself a new vacation wardrobe. The only thing that stops you is the size of your suit case and the price tags:)!

4. The Yoga Places

Tulum is full of yoga places ranging from a bit more luxury places like the Azulik Dome, a place resembling of a bird nest, to more basic shalas like The Playa Canek Hotel. But the best places are created by nature and it is just for you to take your yoga mat and enjoy the view!

We found a great instructor, Laura Seguro, and did our first Tarot and Chakra session.

Azulik Resort TulumAzulik Resort Tulum Azulik Resort Tulum

5. The Mayan Heritage

Even if the main reason for your stay is to relax and enjoy the sun, the vacation gets so much more meaningful and interesting if you visit a place with a soul, an interesting story to tell.

The Mayan heritage can be felt everywhere in Tulum, in the design, in the food, in the way things are done. So one afternoon we took our bikes and went for a 20 minutes ride along the public beach to the Maya Ruins. A beautiful place filled with stories about the lives of the Mayas and breathtaking views.

The Mayan Heritage Azulik Resort TulumThe Mayan Heritage Azulik Resort TulumThe Mayan Heritage Azulik Resort TulumAzulik Resort TulumAzulik Resort Tulum

We got our share of tropical storms but even in the stormy hours, Tulum stays colorful and beautiful! We will for sure be back some day to our boho glam escape. And we’ll probably be staying at La Zebra Hotel Tulum or Azulik Resort Tulum!

The Mayan Heritage

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Azulik Resort Tulum


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