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Time for the first ski vacation in two years! After being loyal to Verbier for three years in a row, it was decided to try out a new ski resort and country. A Val Thorens ski weekend and the french alps! Hope you will enjoy this Val Thorens ski guide with lots of alpine inspiration, the best hotels, restaurants and things to do in Val Thorens!

This time the travel company was my best friend, @swedishyogagirl and her crew. I must admit that skiing at the end of April was not super tempting and leaving Fredrik and a Sweden in full bloom behind, did not feel like the best idea! But what a lovely weekend Val Thorens ski weekend we had! On this Val Thorens ski guide, I strongly recommend coming here if you are looking for a ski resort for the winter to come.

Val Thorens France in the morrning
Hello Val Thorens! Up first in the slopes for the best skiing!

Hello, Val Thorens Ski Weekend!

Spring had not only arrived in Sweden but also in Switzerland and France, so it was high time for a Val Thorens ski weekend. The three-hour transfer from Geneva airport was lined by green fields, trees in full bloom and people in shorts and T-shirt enjoying the sun! We passed by the beautiful alpine village of Annecy and this was the spot where the alpine feeling started to take over. The gorgeous Annecy lake surrounded by the huge mountains and on the top – snow, the star of this Val Thorens ski guide!

Soon the climb up the mountain started, and the juiciest part of this Val Thorens ski guide began.  The further up we got, the more snow and finally, we arrived in a winter wonderland!

Val thorens france magic view
This view… just magic!

Val Thorens Ski Guide

As any Val Thorens ski guide will tell you, the village is located at 2300 meters on top of the Three Valley Ski Area, tucked in between the mountains. The ski lifts take you even further, all the way up to 3200 meters, making Val Thorens the highest ski resort in Europe. Given the long ski season with 171 days of uninterrupted skiing, it is not a surprise it has been voted the best ski resort in the world four times!

As the village is built to cater for everyone taking a Val Thorens ski weekend, I feared a lack of soul and coziness but I was proven wrong. The village consists of many traditional chalets and even though there are some high rises they have not taken over and are built to fit in, making it a pleasure to write this Val Thorens ski guide.

Great view in Val Thorens France
Looks like it will be a perfect day in the mountains for a Val Thorens ski weekend!

The Welcome

After a long day of travel, we kicked off our Val Thorens ski weekend with a dinner outside at the main square. This is the reason why we like to go skiing late – you can combine great ski days with long lunches and afternoons outside in the sun! On our way up to the hotel, we found the cutest street market full of delicious French cheese, ham and sausages. A big recommendation on this Val Thorens ski guide: delish afternoon snacks after a long day in the slopes!

Val Thorens village from above
So happy to travel together with my BFF @swedishyogagirl again!

Where to Stay in Val Thorens: Hotel Tango & More!

Time to check in and start our Val Thorens ski weekend! Tango was the hotel of our stay, and a highly recommended one in this Val Thorens ski guide. As we were a group of eight traveling this time, I was not the one in charge of booking and research but was happily surprised when we found the hotel.

A cute three-star alpine gem with a great location for a Val Thorens ski weekend. Not my typical boutique hotel but still, the lobby and bar with the fireplace was very cozy. The terrace with a view over the mountains and the village turned out to be the perfect after ski spot.

Tango Hotel Val Thorens
Let’s Tango !

My room during this Val Thorens ski weekend was small but still modern with a touch of a hipster vibe to it due to the square patterned wallpapers. The bathrooms were modern, even though not in my favourite color scheme. However, what I have to positively highlight in this Val Thorens ski guide: all the hanging opportunities. Someone had been thinking here. Perfect for all the skiing equipment and clothes.

Tango hotel val thorens
The view from the balcony during my Val Thorens ski weekend

However, on this Val Thorens ski guide, I recommend booking the suites or the bigger rooms with wooden beams in the ceiling for a bit more travel with a silver lining experience!

Looking for a more luxuryVal Thorens ski weekend experience? Then check out the following hotels that looked awesome! HOTEL PASHMIA LE REFUGE , FARENHEIT 7 & HOTEL ALTAPURRA. For the ultimate luxury experience check out the newly opened Chalet Cocoon! For more great hotels in Val Thorens, FIND THEM HERE!

What to Do in Val Thorens: Days in the Slopes!

Clear blue sky and sun, just what makes a Val Thorens ski guide shine. What can be better on the first day on the slopes of our Val Thorens ski weekend? Must admit that I was a bit nervous when taking the first lift – Peclet – all the way up to the top. But ones there, the only thing that came to my mind was the magic view, our breathtaking nature and planet. Snowy mountains as long as you could see, fresh alp air and of course the sun. Our Val Thorens ski weekend was nothing short of majestic!

Val thorens montain view
So dreamy!

The slopes…. Oh how I loved the Val Thorens slopes, certainly a highlight of my Val Thorens ski guide. Wide and well prepared but the best thing was the time it took from the top to the bottom. Felt like you could ski forever. An advantage of being the highest located ski system in Europe. The slopes around Peclet and Plein de Sud quickly became our favourites with great red and blue alternatives!

val thorens mountain view
The cool ski boarders @haxorgrill and @kruseborn!

Lunch & Rosé Time!

I am not an advanced skier and even if I love having a Val Thorens ski weekend, I also love the breaks. Long rosé lunches in the slopes or just a short break to catch some sun in a sun chair. Unfortunately, Val Thorens did not offer as many lunch opportunities in the slopes as Verbier. Most of the people seemed to have lunch in the village. However, we found two spots on the slopes where we quickly became regulars.

First out was Les Aiguilles de Peclet. The highest-located restaurant on this Val Thorens ski guide, with a breathtaking view offering self-service downstairs and restaurant service on the top floor. We went for the top floor and had a great lunch consisting of healthy poke´ bowls, burgers and a delicious truffle risotto.

Lunch with a view at Les Aiguilles de Peclet, Val thorens France
Lunch with a view at Les Aiguilles de Peclet

For the windy days,  the Chalet de la Marine became our favorite pause during our Val Thorens ski weekend. Located halfway down the Peclet slopes, offering a bit more luxury feel on the upper terrace with great design and view. They also had a self-service downstairs (with more affordable prices) and their red sun chairs became the afternoon place to be. Loved their lounge music and some days we could even dream away to beats of the DJ and the live trumpet! A favorite Val Thorens ski guide moment, for sure!

La Marine perfectly located in the slopes in Val Thorens!
La Marine, a site perfectly located in the slopes on this Val Thorens ski guide!

For the vegans and vegetarians out there, we found a very cute café in the village, called SuperNova. They offered great breakfast and lunch options in a cozy setting, a gem on this Val Thorens ski guide!

After Ski: Where to Party in Val Thorens!

Our hotel was perfectly located with just 3 minutes walk to the slopes in the morning and with just a street in between the endpoint and the hotel in the afternoons. This is the case for most lodgings you’ll find on any Val Thorens ski guide, which makes the ski experience so much smoother. 

It turned out, Tango Hotel was also the best spot for some after-slopes time in our Val Thorens ski weekend. As the first to leave the slopes, I loved me time in the sun with a glass of rosé with the Val Thorens village and the mountains in front. During the sunny days, the terrace quickly got crowded and some days they even had a DJ playing. 

For the real party, head over to  La Fruitière at La Folie Douce located in Plein de Sud slopes. Rosé, live music, and a great party vibe on this Val Thorens ski guide!

My favorite spot for after ski at our hotel, the Tango hotel!
My favorite spot for after ski at our hotel, the Tango hotel!

For the cloudy and colder days, the fireplace and hot chocolate was the best Val Thorens ski weekend option!

The Evenings: Where to Eat in Val Thorens

Being a foodie, trying out different restaurants is a key part of my travels, and my Val Thorens ski weekend was no exception. This time we had an all-inclusive stay and dinner at Tango every evening at 8 pm. Not really my kind of thing but the food was in general good, especially the main courses and I am still dreaming of the Snickers dessert. This Val Thorens ski guide highly recommends a dinner here, even though you are not staying in the hotel.

However, I would recommend exploring the Val Thorens food scene a bit more. Except for SuperNova, try out the new gourmet restaurant of  La Fruitière at La Folie Douce.  A great choice for foodies and so should the cool Alpen Art Val Thorens  be with a gallery, a concept store and a restaurant in one spot!

Our Val Thorens ski weekend gave us the perfect Easter! Already looking forward to next year’s Alp trip!

Bye Bye Val Thorens! Hope to see you soon again!
Bye ByeVal Thorens ski weekend! Hope to see you soon again!

Booking Support & Input

Langley Travel Agency

As we were a group of 8 this time, our Val Thorens ski weekend was booked with Langely. As you know, I prefer booking my trips myself and must say that Langley did not change my mind. The communication before the trip was pretty poor and no one was waiting for us at the airport. However, the major thing was that they messed up the transfer back and we almost missed our flight.

Having said this, the trip was very affordable and even though only staying at a 3-star hotel, the entire experience at Val Thorens was great.

How to Get to Val Thorens?

The closest airport is Geneva. The transfer takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and should be booked in advance. I have used AlpyBus when traveling to Verbier and they have always worked well and are very affordable. You can book a transfer with them HERE! For a private transfer BOOK HERE!

Where to Stay in Val Thorens?

If this Val Thorens ski guide has inspired you to stay at the Tango Hotel, you can book it HERE.

HOTEL PASHMIA LE REFUGE , FARENHEIT 7 & HOTEL ALTAPURRA all looked amazing for a Val Thorens ski weekend. For the ultimate luxury experience check out the newly opened Chalet Cocoon! For more great hotels in Val Thorens, FIND THEM HERE!

When to Go?

Timing is everything as any Val Thorens ski guide will tell you that this is a very popular ski resort. Our first two days in the slopes were magic with no cues and almost empty slopes. However, the last two days (Sunday & Monday) were totally different. Lots of ski schools, long cues and people everywhere. So if you want to avoid the crowds, make sure to choose the right time to go here or trust your luck. The Val Thorens ski weekend is generally more crowded as many locals then go here. Being the highest ski resort in Europe, it is the first to open and the last to close so try to avoid the most crowded season over Christmas/New Year and February and you will be fine!

If staying here for more than a Van Thorens ski weekend, I would also recommend going for the 3 Valley lift card if you do not want to go in the same slopes every day! The ski system is huge even though a simple Val Thorens ski weekend is perfect. 

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      Yes it was great, thanks! Oh cool! Lucky you… sure you would love Val thorens!

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      Ha ha being home is also nice but some fresh air in the Alps is always a good idea! Do it next year:)!

    • Linda Reply

      You should! There is something special with the Alps and the mountains in winter!

  3. WOW! Such a gorgeous place and a wonderful place to spend Easter. I hope you guys have a great time there!

    • Linda Reply

      Yes it was great and we had a fab time! Thanks for checking in hun!

  4. OMG! These pictures are beautiful, it looks like you had a truly amazing time. I’ve never been skiing, but after seeing your pictures and reading your post. I’m definitely considering booking a ski trip.

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      Thanks a lot hun! Happy to hear that and you should definitely try it out!

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      It is never too late! I learned how to ski in my 30s!

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      Thanks! You can go there trekking also in the summer! A one of a kind experience!

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      Yes it is a great place and had a lovely weekend here!

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