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Life’s a beach, or so they say… and this is for sure the truth in Tulum! Pure white sand, turquoise water, and blue skies. The wonderful mix of colors – 50 shades of blue – enthralls you. It is hard to imagine something better for your soul than lazy beach days in a paradise like this. Which is why we couldn’t get enough of our favorite hangouts, Coco Tulum Beach Club and Viento de Mar Tulum!


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Viento de Mar Tulum – Our Dream Escape

In between the ocean and the jungle, in a beautiful spot on this never-ending beach is Viento De Mar Tulum, our deluxe New Year escape!

Viento de Mar Tulum

We loved everything about Viento de Mar Tulum! The bright Hampton inspired design, the laid-back beach restaurant and most of all the comfortable and luxurious sun beds:)!

Viento de Mar Tulum Viento de Mar TulumViento de Mar Tulum Viento de Mar TulumViento de Mar Tulum Viento de Mar Tulum

After a couple of weeks in the sun, someone is breaking a new record in suntan…:)!

Viento de Mar Tulum

In our big bungalow and cozy bed, we had sweet dreams and lazy afternoons relaxing in our hammock. The organic honey shampoo and conditioner was magic for my hair!

Viento de Mar TulumViento de Mar Tulum tulum beach hotels best hotels in tulum

Experience it all in the video below!

Coco Tulum beach club

Finally, we got company! After delays, canceled flights and an extra trip to Mexico City, Jenny woke us up early in the New Year’s Eve morning. A very much awaited reunion that we, of course, celebrated on the beach with some drinks at Coco Tulum beach club. Coco Tulum beach club was definitely the highlight to the trip!

Coco Tulum beach clubCoco Tulum beach club Coco Tulum beach club

New Year!

Well, it did not turned out exactly as we had imagined. The big fancy dinner on the beach turned out to be a not so fancy dinner for 20 people and the fireworks, well they never appeared.

But whom to complain… We ended the year in the same way it started. The three of us together with champagne in our hands and sand between our toes.

Happy New Year from Tulum and Viento De Mar! We are looking forward to all new adventures to come in 2017!

Coco Tulum beach club

Travel with a Silver Lining Beyond the Coco Tulum Beach Club

Tulum is a place I can highly recommend to put on your bucket list. Do you want inspiration or support when booking your trip here? Have a look at my other Tulum blog post below:

After Viento de Mar Tulum: Booking & Info

I always want to make sure I get the most out of my trip and I like to plan in advance. If you are like me, then look at the offers at Get Your Guide. They have lots of great tours and I always use them when traveling. You can book all their tours online HERE. If you want a personalised tour to discover all of Tulum then check out this TULUM DISCOVERY PRIVATE TOUR! See also their guide to the Riviera Maya, below!


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