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Arriving in Buenos Aires, it was love at first sight! A couple of bottles of Malbec, lots of delicious meat, tango shows and some long nights later, we are still in love with this city! If you’re wondering what to see in Buenos Aires sightseeing and things to do in Buenos Aires then look no further – time for some Buenos Aires sightseeing!

Buenos Aires has a European touch with its beautiful neo classic buildings, mainly inspired by French and Italian architecture, making you feel at home!

The French and Italian inspired architecture is beautiful

What to See in Buenos Aires Sightseeing

You find traces of history everywhere, and it feels like the list of what to see in Buenos Aires sightseeing is endless. Plaza de Mayo, Cementerio de La Recoleta (a somewhat spooky but beautiful place with tombs of the most famous Argentinian persons including Eva Peron – Evita), Tortoni (the café and cultural institution), all remind you of the past!

When we arrived, the Jacarandas trees were in full bloom, giving Buenos Aires a beautiful purple shimmer.

There are parks everywhere full of life; people running, working out with their PT or just chilling. The Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden, quickly became our favorite oases with their beautiful sceneries and flowers.

The Japanese Gardens
The flowers were in bloom
Peace and serenity in Little Japan

Things to Do in Buenos Aires Sightseeing – 5 Areas You Need to Explore

Buenos Aires is a city with many faces and different areas, all possessing a unique character. The best way to experience them all is for sure by foot and so we did… But we also did the unexpected – a hop on hop off bus tour of what to see in Buenos Aires sightseeing :)!

1. La Bocca – The Colorful Heaven for Instagram & Football Lovers

In La Bocca the narrow streets are filled with colorful houses, painters, tango shows and restaurants. A bit touristic but with an overwhelming charm. In one of these busy streets, we found the cutest little pink and turquoise café!

You’re bound to find a building in your favourite color in Buenos Aires!
Of course I found my favourite color in La Boca
Little gems in the street corners

Just a couple of blocks away you find Bocca Junior’s arena, one of the most famous football teams in Argentina. A definite staple of what to see in Buenos Aires sightseeing for sports fans! Imagine Fredrik’s happiness when we entered the arena and he got to pose next to Tevez, the former Manchester United player!

Football memorabilia
Puerto Madero
Boca Juniors arena

2. Puerto Madero – The Futuristic Harbor Area

In Puerto Madero, the old harbor area with modern skyscrapers, we learned that the prime time for dinner is midnight and arriving early to a club means 2 am.

Having booked a table at 9pm we had a great evening together with the retired Italian community in the restaurant Sottovoce. The Italian food was truly amazing and the change of age group turned out to be very invigorating…:)!

buenos aires sightseeing things to do in buenos aires
The old harbor
We both had such a lovely evening!!

3. Palermo Soho and Hollywood – The Hip & Trendy Ones

Cool restaurants, bars and clubs but also small boutiques with the latest trends and fashion litter the streets of the areas of Palermo Soho and Hollywood. This is where the cool youngsters, designers and creative community hang out…. and so did we! We loved this bohemic and hip area!

things to do in buenos aires
The hip neighborhood of Palermo
things to do in buenos aires
Colourful streets of Rio
things to do in buenos aires
Lots of graffiti in Palermo

In the middle of all graffiti and Art Deco houses, we found Casa Cruz, one of the favorite restaurants of the jet set crowd in Buenos Aires. We fully understand why!

things to do in buenos aires
Casa Cruz

4. San Telmo – The Boho Chic Old Part

Sundays should be spent in San Telmo, the oldest part of Buenos Aires. Strolling down the longest market street we have seen, you can find more or less everything. Here the creativity has no limit and there are live bands and tango shows in every little yard.x1

things to do in buenos aires
One of the most vibrant places
things to do in buenos aires
So much to in the area

5. Recoleta – The Upscale Parisian Hood 

One of the best thing with using Airbnb is the opportunity to stay in the more local areas, experiencing the real life. Our studio were located in a very cute and quiet area of Recoleta, with restaurants, cafes, small fruit and flower stores in every corner, a little Paris .

We found our favorite organic breakfast place at the small boutique hotel, Epico and had a daily break, watching people pass by, at Le Ble Café.

things to do in buenos aires
Lunch at Le Ble
what to see in buenos aires
The cute exterior


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