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To begin with, I must say that Freycinet Tasmania is a well-kept secret. This peninsula is located on an island of our planet’s deep southern hemisphere. In Tasmania, you’ll find mountains, rainforests, and even gorgeous beaches, and as soon as you reach this place you’ll fall in love. During our visit, we fell in love with our eco-lodge and boutique hotel, Freycinet Lodge. In the center of a breathtaking national park, we cannot recommend it enough for those looking where to stay in Tasmania!

One of the things we loved most about Tasmania is that it seems entirely unexplored, at the same time offering well-crafted tourism. In a moment, you can easily find yourself alone in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

overlooking this beautiful view here in freycinet tasmania
The famous Wineglass Bay from above, as I stand in front of it!

The Freycinet Tasmania Peninsula is understandably the most popular place in the island and you can immediately see why. At Freycinet Tasmania, you’ll get in touch with the flora and fauna, maybe even seeing a wallaby or two. There are also gorgeous small bays, white sandy beaches along the Friendly Beaches coast as well as numerous treks for adventure lovers. Much like our previous trip around Costa Rica, Tasmania also offered amazing eco-tourism!

the beautiful beach here in freycinet tasmania
Did not expect to find these white sandy beaches in Tasmania! And no one around… Here the Friendly Beaches!

Conversely, Freycinet Lodge is the spot to stay in Tasmania. In order to know more, read my hotel review below!

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if youre wondering where to stay in tasmania, this blog post is for you
Prepare for some amazing views here

Where to Stay in Tasmania? Freycinet Lodge!

Overall Experience & Rating

Smack in the middle of the Freycinet National Park stands Freycinet Lodge. A breathtaking eco-lodge with luxury, innovative architecture and sustainability in mind. Surely the best place to experience Freycinet Tasmania.

the freycinet lodge hotel lounge
Here you have a perfect mix of everything, comfort and modern

Staying in the newly built Mountain Terrace & Coastal Pavilion rooms, was a true boost for my creativity. The first thing to remember is this place’s love of nature, mixing design, architecture and sustainability, all in a perfect mix. Although you’re surrounded by modern comforts when inside the hotel, a peek outside will show you the local natural wonders. Steps away from the bay, this newly renovated boutique hotel won our hearts and filled our souls. Indeed, we couldn’t imagine a better spot where to stay in Tasmania.

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  1. Design & Boutique Feeling: 5
  2. Room & Other Facilities: 5
  3. Food & Drinks: 3
  4. Service: 5
  5. Location: 5
the view from our room at freycinet lodge
On our own private porch with my favorite skirt and top from Toteme

Design & Boutique Feeling at Freycinet Tasmania

While the Freycinet Lodge is bigger than most boutique hotels, to be sure they have the feeling down to an art. A truly beautiful place, it’s decorated to maximize every detail of the world outside. You truly feel the energy of Freycinet Tasmania here!

The hotel’s main facilities have a mix of sea view and a terrace that goes around the property. The décor is very modern and thoroughly contemporary, without ever intruding on the Freycinet Tasmania nature. To be sure, the lobby is very cozy, and we immediately fell for its near-Alpian vibe!

another part of the lounge at freycinet lodge
Another side of the lounge

Altogether, the Freycinet Lodge feels like a haven from the rest of the world, connected to nature but far away from all worries. The vibe here is quiet and peaceful, sort of slow and relaxed, and you feel right in the center of Mother Nature.

a beautiful sunset in freycinet tasmania
SImple and breathtaking

Room & Other Facilities

The Mountain Terrace Lodge

This Freycinet Tasmania gem recently underwent a renovation, so everything was particularly spotless. We stayed in one of the newly built rooms, the Mountain Terrace Lodges. Straightaway, we were in love!

First, it’s important to note that these small but cute cottages have floor-to-ceiling windows facing nature. Second, the color palette bodies well with nature, too, in earthy tones with some orange splashes. You can wake up to the mountains and the Freycinet Tasmania park around you. Third, the bed was super comfy, and I just loved unwinding with a book on the couch or outdoor terrace. Of course, morning yoga was a must.

our room at freycinet lodge is so pretty
Watch the view from your bed or from the couch? Your choice, of course.

I also loved the tub on the terrace, where you could take a hot bath surrounded by nature. The bathroom was also lovely, a B&W wonder!

a nice and clean bathroom in our room at the freycinet lodge
Very clean and nice bathroom, by all means appreciated
an amazing bathtub in our freycinet lodge room
For the most part, no words are needed for this place. That is to say: perfection

The Coastal Pavilions

The other new section, the Coastal Pavilions, is magic, and altogether an architectural masterpiece. These rooms, decorated in modern and innovative design, markedly face the bay.

the bedroom at freycinet lodge
Overall, you can definitely get a good nights sleep here
this room at freycinet lodge has so many nice views
Keep the relaxing feeling in the couch, overlooking the nature outside

The terrace at the Pavilion also has a bathtub and a sitting area that’s particularly perfect to read for a while. It’s all decorated in earthy tones, with wooden walls and floor-to-ceiling windows. Even the bathroom faces the ocean!

if you are wondering where to stay in tasmania i can highly recommend this
As if it couldn’t get better you can also take a bath and relax in front of nature

I loved the details behind every little thing here, further reassuring me that this is where to stay in Tasmania. The room also includes everything you may need, from complimentary whiskey and wine alongside a hair straightener and even games.

freycinet tasmania is definitely delivering some amazing views
Yes, you can see I’m very excited about this bathtub, I wish I could bring it home

The price is a little steeper, however, it’s the best stay in Freycinet Tasmania and a true experience. Plus, this is the only place where you can get room service!

our own porch at the freycinet lodge
You have all of this in the background to enjoy

Food & Drinks

The food here is good even though it’s not the biggest highlight. We tried both the relaxed in-house bistro and the more luxurious option. Loved the wine selection and one thing I loved, in particular, was that everything was cooked using locally sourced ingredients. We also liked the breakfast buffet, which was fresh and lovely!

the hazards bar in freycinet tasmania
The Hazards Bar
the lovely food in freycinet tasmania
We enjoyed a nice meal here


To be sure, Freycinet Lodge offers top-notch service. The staff was very friendly, professional and really worked on the personal touch. They were happy to point out information on all the gems of Freycinet Tasmania. They even gave us a nice tour of the hotel including all our favorite areas!


There’s no better place where to stay in Tasmania if you’re planning to visit the national park. All main attractions like Wineglass bay, the Sleepy Beach, the Lighthouse but also the Friendly Beaches are just minutes away by car. Just next to the hotel is the big Richmond Beach and the Honeymoon bay is also just a couple of minutes walk from your room!

amazing surroundings in freycinet tasmania
Fred enjoying the view at honeymoon – just around the corner from our lodge!

When staying at the Freycinet Lodge, I strongly recommend spending one day to just chill. With this in mind, we did that and later walked to the nearby town of Coles Bay, where we had a delicious oven pizza at Géographe. Then we finished off with an incredible salty caramel ice cream at instagrammable place The Ice Creamery.

a beautiful beach here in freycinet tasmania
The hotel beach – The Richardsons Beach!

The Freycinet Lodge was amazing, in the center of everything, and we can’t recommend it enough to anyone traveling to Freycinet Tasmania. At this instant, it’s the ultimate place where to stay in Tasmania!

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where to stay in tasmania? look at this view, its worth a visit
Natural Wonders Everywhere and Every Night!

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