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Sailing in Whitsunday Islands

Time for some Whitsundays sailing adventures, namely three days of sailing in Whitsunday Islands!

The sun was shining, the wind perfect and there she was. The blue beauty that would take us out on a 3 days sailing in Whitsunday Islands. The Whitsunday sailing adventures, we will never forget! Filled by tropical colors,  lazy days on the beautiful Bliss, the absolutely gorgeous Whitehaven beach, early mornings and stunning evenings and sunsets. Add great company and delicious food – life on the Whitsunday Bliss was just perfect and a must if you are up for some tropical indulgence and luxury!

Do not miss Our Whitsundays Travel Vlog on Youtube or in the end of the post!

Sailing in whitsunday islands on the whitsunday bliss
Fredrik in his favorite spot!

I hope you will enjoy our sailing in Whitsunday islands as much as we did. For more practical information about how to book unforgettable Whitsunday sailing adventures, find links, etc in the bottom of the post. In the meantime, check out all the incredible experiences Get Your Guide has to offer!

The Whitsundays – A True Tropical Paradise

When in the world down under, a visit to the Whitsunday islands is a must. A true paradise with a tropical archipelago surrounded by the most stunning turquoise water and one of the most beautiful white sandy beach I have ever seen in. A truly memorable place and what can be better than exploring it by sailing in Whitsunday islands on a luxury sailboat!

The view from the viewpoint of Whitehaven beach
A true tropical paradise!!!

Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands was our last stop of our 2 months travel in Australia and New Zealand and of course we wanted the end to be special. In true Travel with a Silver Lining style, we were looking for a luxury and personal experience of our Whitsunday travel. All that and more we got ….  We experienced one of the best Whitsundays sailings adventures, so join us on this journey!

The Whitsunday Bliss – Our Blue Beauty!

Said to be the most beautiful boat for sailing in Whitsunday islands by everyone we met. Our expectations where high but she did not disappoint. Gracefully she was awaiting us at the end of the edge of the harbour. A Jutson 60 luxury cruising yacht with lots of space to hang out on deck and with three suites and a big kitchen, she for sure gave us a great welcome!

The whitsunday bliss sailing boat
Our blue bliss!

A big smile and warm greeting by Peter, our lovely skipper, gave us a great feel of what was awaiting. After a tour of this beauty and introduction to our chef and our small American group consisting of two lovely couples Brooke & Brian and Kacie & Brad, it was time to head out into the blues for one of the best Whitsundays sailing adventures.

Me on the Whitsundays sailing adventures on the Whitsunday Bliss
Off we go!

 Unforgettable Delux Whitsundays Sailing Adventures

There is something special with sailing and if you do the sailing in Whitsunday islands, even more so. The silence, the closeness to the power of our amazing nature – the wind and waves moving you forward. When the sails where up, an almost meditative atmosphere appeared. Our otherwise vibrant and cheerful group, turned silent. We all found our favorite spots and just enjoyed the gorgeous setting, taking it all in, loosing our mind and thoughts to just being here and now!

Sailing in Whitsunday Islands on the whitsunday bliss
Full speeed ahead Captain!

Just one skipper on this big boat. One of my first thought when starting our sailing in Whitsunday islands. But quickly we realised that Peter was one of the best, managing the boat totally seamless and with a truly impressive skill that you can only gain after years on the sea. His stories mesmerised us. The history of the British, the Dutch, the famous Abel Tasman, the reason of the names of the islands and the passages of the Whitsundays. The personal touch making this one of the best Whitsundays Sailing Adventures.

The Mesmerising Evenings and Nights

After sailing in Whitsunday islands for more than 10 years, Peter knew this place by heart. Checking the wind conditions regularly and planning where to stop for the best stops and night conditions.

The sunsets, another factor making this one of the best Whitsundays sailing adventures.  The golden hour or rather a silver hour.  Light turning into a silver shade, yellow turning pink, the breeze, the tropical setting. I will keep this moments of sailing in  Whitsunday islands in my mind for a long time!

A magic sunset when sailing in the whitsunday islands
The golden hour, or more the silver hour!

We explored the bay for our stay in our small motor boat, found an small empty coral beach which even had an Instagram swing!

Our young chef Jackie, surprised us with her creativity at every meal. Deliciously cooked dishes with a tropical touch. The food tastes so much better when on a boat, sailing in Whitsunday islands, accompanied by tasty wine and great company. The evenings on one of the best Whitsundays sailing adventures slowly turned into night. After the dessert we all ended the day under the stars. Getting swept away by the natural beauty our world is offering us!

Wine and snacks at the whitsunday bliss
Wine, cheese & antipasto – could not get much better than this!

The last night we got some true adventure of this sailing in Whitsunday islands. Waking up in the middle of the night by the boat moving from one side to another, the sound of the glasses in the kitchen. The wind had changed direction and increased in strength. Once again Peter showed his experience. The ones awake, went up on deck and enjoyed the most beautiful sky with the strongest stars I have ever seen, while Peter took us to a calmer bay for some more hours of sleep.

The golden hour at one of our whitsundays sailing adventures
An evening to remember!

The morning & Days

When sailing in Whitsunday islands, you want to wake up early to catch the morning magic. The peacefulness, the last part of the sunrise and a delicious breakfast.

Enjoying an early morning on the Whitsunday Bliss
Good Morning Sunshine!

Each day, we stopped for some snorkelling, lunch and relaxation. When on the Bliss your problems are far away! You are on one of the best Whitsundays sailing adventures!

sailing in whitsunday islands
Snorkel Time!

The Magic Stop – Whitehaven Beach

Some places truly take you by surprise. The Whitehaven beach was one of those on our sailing in Whitsunday Islands.

The magic whitehaven beach - one of the stop on our sailing in the whitsunday islands
Hello Whitehaven Beach!

Having read a lot about it, being one of the most famous beaches in the world, I was a bit afraid of it being a tourist trap. Once again, the Whitsunday bliss turned out to be one of the best Whitsundays sailing adventures.

Whitehaven beach - the best stop on whitsundays sailing adventures
Embracing this moment and this beautiful place!

Peter knew exactly when to take us there. Arriving when the crowd was leaving around 4 pm we got the entire beach for ourselves.

enjoying a moment at the magic whitehaven beach
Just me and the ocean….

Me and Fredrik could not stop taking photos. This huge white beach, the silica sand that was creaking under the feet, the surrounding and the water. Almost unreal. No wonder this place is on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

You, me and the whitehaven beach
Finally got this guy to agree on taking some photos of us together!

Luckily, we brought the tripod this time and had lots of fun. Even got a photo of the full Swedish/American group.

Our group on our sailing in Whitsunday islands - at the whitehaven beach
Our cool Swedish/American group!

A 10 minute walk on a small jungle pathway, we found the viewpoint. Once again a  mesmerising view over this tropical gem. A paradisiac euphoria! A feeling that I will return to when back in cold and dark Sweden.

We could not have asked for a better end of our 2 months travel than a 3 days of sailing in Whitsunday islands with the Whitsunday Bliss! Just the best and most unforgettable Whitsundays sailing adventures.

Magic view in this tropical paradise - the view point of whitehaven beach
The viewpoint view at the Whitehaven Beach!

Thanks a million Peter, Jackie, Kacy, Brad, Brooke & Brian for making this trip a truly memorable one! Hope to see you all some day in another part of the world!

Our Whitsunday Travel Vlog

Want to see more from this tropical bliss, then check out our Whitsuanday Travel Vlog!

Sailing in Whitsunday Islands –  How to book ?

 Want to go for a sailing adventure in the Whitsundays? See some practical information below:

The Bliss – One of the best Whitsundays Sailing Adventures

Sailing in Whitsunday islands? Time to book? Then check out the Whitsunday Bliss site here or contact Peter directly via the Facebook Page. Some good things to know before heading out on one of the best Whitsundays sailing adventures:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol is not included in the prices so bring a bottle or two of your favorite wine and champagne for some great lunches and dinner out at sea
  • Food: All food are cocked and planned in advance so let them know any allergies in advance and you will have an even better experience. Would recommend to bring some snacks as the days are long when sailing in Whitsunday islands
  • The Suites: There are three suites at the bliss. Two in the end of the boat that has a bed for two and a small ensuite bathroom. These suites are relatively small but has all you need and you do not spend much time here anyway than during the nights. In the front, there is a bigger suite for an even more delux experience
  • Equipment: Towels, bed linen as well as snorkel equipment are provided when sailing in Whitsunday islands
  • Packing: Given the size of the suites and that you get all you need on the boat, keep your packing light. You can not bring big hard plastic bags on the boat but they can usually be stored at the agent. We had one small beach bag per person with some clothes etc and one extra for the wine:)
  • Must things to bring: Do not forget sunscreen, a sun hat, sun glasses, bikini and a great book when sailing in Whitsunday islands. Would also recommend to bring a warmer jumper as the evenings at sea can be a bit more chilly
Enjoying a moment at the Whitsunday Bliss
Just let your mind and thoughts sail away….

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