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Best Beach Resorts in Costa Rica

Paradise!!! When arriving at the sleepy surfer village, Montezuma, and our beach resort, Ylang Ylang, we found a paradise! After a couple of hectic and adventurous days in Arenal and Monteverde this was exactly what we needed. And finally Costa Rica showed itself from its best side and gave us some sun!

No roads lead to this gem. When going there in a safari jeep along the beach you start realizing that this is something special. Built to be one with its surroundings, hidden in the jungle, it is hardly noticeable from the beach – a true little hideaway! Here you live side by side with the jungle life but with all the luxury and services needed for a perfect stay.

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Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

Life at Ylang Ylang is easy. A couple of days here and you will find your inner peace – all problems and concerns are washed away. A life in full harmony with the jungle and the ocean. Everything you do here you do to the sound of the waves!

Waking up every morning to the sound of the waves in our beach front bungalow. Pulling away the blinds and from our beds watching the beautiful view and the life around us slowly waking up.

ylang ylang resort ylang ylang beach resort

Walking a few footsteps to find an empty beach, just you and the waves. Starting the day by embracing this beauty and stillness for a couple of minutes before heading to the yoga session or the morning jungle massage.

best resorts in costa ricabest beach resorts in costa rica

Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view. The small hotel restaurant offers a simple but great menu with delicious organic and vegetarian options. Fresh fruit, veggie burgers and tasty desserts!\

In a place like this you get some cute pets. We had our own “Herr Nilsson” and the iguanas were playing outside our doorstep. Luckily, the crocodiles stayed away…

Days at the quite beach. Relaxing, reading, swimming or taking a long walk until you are too tired to walk any longer. There is no end to this beach…

If you get restless there is always an adventure to be found in the jungle or around the corner – like in the rest of Costa Rica.

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Making the most of Ylang Ylang

The later during the day, the more dramatic the waves get. What can be better than watching this spectacle, the power of nature, from a sun bed with a good book in your hand. It is hard to imagine something more beautiful than this – pure natural beauty!

Ylang Ylang you got us addicted! We hope to see you again!


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