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I love yoga! It is an amazing way to strengthen my body and become more flexible but more importantly it helps to calm down my mind and to truly connect with myself. My yoga mat is the place where magic happens, where I start to see things clearly. I love doing yoga at home as well as outside in nature!

My yoga journey started 8 years ago. Back then it was just a way to get some flexibility into my stiff body. During my hectic years in Moscow, my yoga shala became my safe place where I could de-stress & give my mind some rest. Ever since it has become a solid part of my lifestyle, I’ve tried different types of yoga, went on few yoga retreats, practice meditations and recently even started my yoga instructor journey!

yoga essentials - yoga india goa
Sunset Yoga @the soulspaceretreat in Goa India! Unforgettable experience!

HERE you can read more about my yoga and travel experience. I also recommend checking your local yoga experiences at Get Your Guide as there you can find some beautiful activities like SUP Yoga, aerial yoga and so on.

The best thing with yoga is that you can do it everywhere. My absolute favorite place is to do it outside in the forest or a jetty looking over the sea. Practicing yoga in the nature is amazing, makes me feel so free but at the same time connected with the world in such a strong way. During winter and colder time, I take my practice inside, doing yoga at home, and create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with candles and pillows.

Here are my yoga essentials that help me get the best out of practice!

1. Yoga Mat for Doing Yoga at Home

If there is one thing you should invest in, this is THE THING. As I spend a lot of time on my yoga mat, I choose organic and PVC free options. I love my Manduka mat but there are so many brands out there. Lately I have fallen in love with all great Swedish brands, my faves are organic mat from Yogiraj, and the stylish ones from Grounded factory.

Yoga @ahusfinest
Love my yoga mat from @Manduka! Here with my guru Ann @ahusfinestyoga!
yoga outside - doing yoga at home
I bring it with me everywhere! A magical evening yoga moment!

My recommendation is to have at least two yoga mats. One for indoor and for outdoor which could be cheaper. The Casall one is great for outdoor as it is easy to clean afterwards.

2. Yoga Outfit

All workouts become much more fun if you have an outfit that you like, especially a new one. Same with the mats by the way. When I choose yoga clothing I always go for the conscious brands. It is important to me to know I’m not only doing good for myself but also for the world. Make sure you feel super comfortable and your yoga clothes let you flow freely on your mat.

This season I really like the yoga collection from MPWR Sportswear. My top picks are high waist feminine tropical leggings that provides great support paired with super soft and comfortable bamboo tank and dusty rose bamboo long sleeve with golden print and beautiful open back.

doing yoga at home
Love the yoga smooth collection from @MPWRSportswear and the colors are just amazing

Right now, my readers can get a 15% OFF MPWR Sportswear order with promocode Linda. Perfect timing to get a new yoga or workout outfit!

No surprise I also love Lululemon and Alo Yoga simplistic design and technological fabrics. Check my Amazon picks below.

3. Yoga Props for Doing Yoga at Home

To get the most out of your practice doing yoga at home invest in some props that you know would help you in your practice. I am currently in love with the pastel color of the bolsters and meditation cushions from the Swedish brand @wearmyyoga. But Yogiraj and Manduka also have some great options.

Super comfy and stylish bolster with a sustainability focus! Photo @wearmyyoga

Blocks, straps and blankets might also be good to have at home for your time on the mat. I tend to avoid plastic, so cork blocks and organic cotton straps are the best for me.

4. Yoga Music

The music and the setting is key for me еo get into the right yoga mood. I have invested in a portable JBL speaker that I bring with me to my outdoor practice and when doing yoga at home. Love it for providing great sound, long lasting battery and waterproof in case of rain or slipping into water from the pier.

An evening at cola beach India goa
Just letting go – being here and now!

5. Cozy Yoga Setting

When practicing at home, I always light beautiful scented candles that right away makes my yoga spot cozy and relaxed. Yankee Candle has endless variety of scented candles. My faves are clean light fragrances like Clean Cotton or Sage and Citrus. Some brands have special stress relief candles and aromatherapy.

doing yoga at home
My cozy YinYoga Corner at home


Plants are also a good way of making the place more peaceful. And one strong recommendation is to buy a lavender eye pillow for the relaxation part of your practice. @wearmyyoga has great ones here too!

Hope this will help and inspire you to have a great yoga practice when doing yoga at home or outdoor! Share your yoga must-haves in the comments below.


sunset in india
Yoga has become my lifestyle letting me live life to the fullest!

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