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Sayulita, located just 21 miles north of famous resort city Puerto Vallarta, is a small town by Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Sayulita is an all-around dream for those looking to get more in tune with nature. Although this growingly touristic spot is most famous for its perfect-for-surfing beaches, there’s a special energy to the area that truly lends itself to the more spiritual side of life. Do you want to find the best places for yoga Sayulita? Then this blog post on Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat is for you!

The Best Yoga Sayulita & My 2 Favorite Yoga Shalas

The yoga shalas in Sayulita are far simpler than the ones in Mayan-centric Tulum, but I still fell in love with their earthiness and authenticity! Here are my two favorites Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat:

Paraíso Yoga – My Favorite Sayulita Mexico Yoga Retreat

1. Instructors: 4

2. Yoga Shala: 4

3. Yoga Equipment: 4

4. Atmosphere: 4

This lovely shala, named Yoga Paradise in Spanish, became part of my morning Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat while we were staying in Sayulita. An open-air shell that can at times get a little overcrowded. Still, this is a great place to find peace through yoga. Many of the instructors at Paraíso Yoga are American, and each of them brings a unique feeling to their practice. There’s more than one yoga style in this shala, which makes for a perfect way to experiment with what works best for your personal practice!

While the yoga equipment in this shala is pretty standard, there’s no denying that this spot has an all-around sweet scene for yogis, whether they’re just starting their journey into the practice or trying out something new. The design and atmosphere set you in the right Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat mood the minute you enter!

yoga in Sayulita
The reception that greets you
Yoga in Sayulita
The lush garden
Yoga in Sayulita
Sayulita Travel Guide
Colourful like the best Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat

Moon Shala – the Mindfulness Star

1. Instructors: 4

2. Yoga Shala: 3

3. Yoga Equipment: 3

4. Atmosphere: 3

A part of the small Aurinko Bungalows hotel complex, this spacious yoga shala, with wooden walls and a palapa roof, is a fine choice for whoever is looking to keep their muscles moving during their holiday. Moon shala, though small and fairly basic in its environment and equipment, is more focused on the spiritual side of yoga than the physical aspect, which makes for a fantastic spot for the people looking for a more mindful experience.

This shell’s instructor, who is really good and has a lot of experience, will easily guide you towards an expansive yoga practice; I even tried my first-ever meditation class here! This Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat is great for those who seek to really look within and learn more about themselves during their yoga time.

Yoga in Sayulita
Enjoying our little piece of paradise

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Booking & Tours Information

Inspired to have yourself a Sayulita Mexico yoga retreat? Below are the best tours to plan your trip to the beautiful yoga Sayulita shalas!

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